🌹Friday Faves! Te Quiero Mucho (5 Things I Love Most About Romance)!🌹


Hey y’all… Happy Friday!🤓

Friday Faves is a little meme where I can post some of my absolute favorite book related topics, including various tropes, awesome heroes/heroines, bad boys, bookish stuff and well… WHATEVER!

*REMEMBER: All the books featured on Friday Faves are books that I have read and adored at some point unless specifically noted!


Te Quiero Mucho (The Things I Love Most About Romance)


ICYMI: I’m a romance junky! So, as you can guess…February is one of my favorite months of the year. But I’ll admit, the past few years have been tough for me since my husband of 24 years passed from cancer in 2019. However, I’m determined to put aside my melancholy and remember all the wonderful things that I adore about the season! 💜





1. My favorite tattoo

Just before Mr. A passed, he wrote me a note that said, “Te quiero mucho mi amor” which basically translates to “I love you so much, my love.” I had his words tattooed on my right forearm so that I can always see it and have him close to my heart (he even drew the little hearts!)






2. My favorite wine

I love a sweet red, a nice rosé or a pink Moscato…and I’m a cheap date, I don’t need the expensive stuff!😆


R (10)





3. My favorite chocolate

Oh yeah…I’m THAT girl! But I guess it’s not too bad, I mean I like fruit and chocolate together (chocolate covered cherries and strawberries)!








4. My favorite flowers

I adore roses but not really those red ones…I like yellow roses and the elusive “peace” rose!

R (11)








5. My most favorite romantic memory with my hubby (besides my wedding day)!

After 20 years together and 19 years married, Mr. A and I renewed our vows in Vegas, baby! We were remarried by an Elvis impersonator in the same chapel that Jon Bon Jovi was married in…swoon!!!







Wow…what a trip down memory lane! Those were some fun times…have a spectacular day y’all!💜






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