🌹Friday Faves! It’s CHICK-tober…Amazing Heroines From Leigh Bardugo, Margaret Rogerson, S.M. Gaither and Shelby Mahurin!🌹

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Hey y’all… Happy Friday!🎃

Friday Faves is a little meme where I can post some of my absolute favorite book related topics, including various tropes, awesome heroes/heroines, bad boys, bookish stuff and well… WHATEVER!

*REMEMBER: All the books featured on Friday Faves are books that I have read and adored at some point unless specifically noted!



(I did this last year and decided to make it a tradition and do it again this year)

ICYMI: I love ALL the BADBOYS! But these alpha males need a STRONG WOMAN to keep them in line…😉 So for the month of October, I’ll be sharing some of my most favorite bad ass HEROINES!



Inej Ghafa= a Suli spy for the Dregs called The Wraith

Nina Zenik= a Grisha soldier and a Heartrender

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Six of Crows Audible Audiobook – Unabridged

Elisabeth= a “scrivener” or guardian in training at The Great Library

Sorcery of Thorns

Alaya= “last member of a cursed and deadly clan

The Queen of Cursed Things (Serpents and Kings Book 1)

Louise le Blanc= a witch on the run from her mother, in love with a witch hunter

Serpent & Dove

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What do you think about these amazing chicks? Have a fantastical day y’all!💜