🌹Top Ten Tuesday! October 5: Bookish Pet Peeves!🌹


Hey y’all… Happy Tuesday!🎃

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Today’s Post:

October 5: Bookish Pet Peeves

BWAHAHAH!! Oh, those evil little pet peeves that dig under my skin and make me wanna throw something! (But I’d never throw a book..) This list may just make me look like a lunatic, LOL!😜😈

CLIFFY-ES: I’m all for epic sagas and duets and trilogies and so on (The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is one of my most beloved and there’s 19 books and counting) but the agony of waiting! Gah…I’m so impatient!

jumping-off-cliff-gifDISCONNECTION: I’m a character driven reader, if I can’t connect with the hero/heroine, the story is lost to me.

NO HEA: ok, I’m a romance reader (mostly) and I read to get immersed in another place, another time, another life. I crave a happy ending and if I don’t get that…well, you’ll see a grown woman throwing a tantrum!

giphy (4)_1

BAD EDITING: I understand that a lot of authors are self published and I get that they put a lot of work in their stories but too many misspelled words or punctuation or what not make the book excruciating for me to get through.

STIFFNESS: Maybe this is part of editing but we’re humans! We. Do. Not. Speak. Like. Robots. The year is 2021, unless you’re writing historical, most people don’t use formal language.

giphy (3)

SPOILERS: I want to enjoy my books, I don’t want to know the ending before chapter 5!

CARELESS BOOK HANDLING: y’all… NEVER fold the corner of a page. That’s like pinching your best friend, it’s painful! Anything can be used as a bookmark, get creative.

tenor (2)

INTERRUPTIONS: When I’m reading, I’m in my zone…don’t bug me (pesky kids!😜)

THE “MOM PORN” STIGMA: Yes, the books I read have sex in them, sometimes graphic sex (my husband never complained)! This probably goes back to the connection I feel with the characters and is super cheesy but I love reading about love… It gives me hope!

giphy (5)

BAD MOVIE ADAPTATIONS: I’ve always felt that books are way better than movies, it’s just impossible to compare a movie with the imagination. Very rarely works well for me!

There you have it! Do you agree or disagree with me? Have a spectacular day y’all!💜



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