🌹Quote An Author! Today’s Quote Comes From: Piece of Work (Red Lipstick Coalition #1) by Staci Hart!🌹

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Hey y’all… Happy Tuesday!😌

Like many of my fellow bibliophiles, I often find myself extremely moved with the words and phrases I find in books.

Pearls of wisdom? Check!

Hilarious banter? Yup!

Romantic moments? Hell yeah!

And with things like Goodreads I can highlight some of my favorite quotes to come back to over and over again. So why not share some of these with you? Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new read or a new author to try out!

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Piece of Work (Red Lipstick Coalition #1) by Staci Hart

“If you want to wear red lipstick and curl your hair, do it. If you want to wear no makeup and shave your head, do it. If you want to clean house and take care of your kids all day, do it. If you want to work full-time and put your kids in daycare, goddammit, do the damn thing. Because that is feminism—the right to live your life however the hell you want regardless of whether or not you have a vagina.”

Hell yeah…I couldn’t agree with this quote more! Have a wonderful day y’all!💜



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