🌹Best Reads of 2020! (Day 20) Most Charming Reads: Not What I Expected by Jewel E. Ann and Falling into You (Falling Stars #3) by A.L. Jackson!🌹


Hey y’all.. Day 20!!!🎅

I’m linking up with my blogger buddy, Sophie @Beware of the Reader to bring you another round of my BEST READS OF 2020! I’ve done this before and its so much fun! Go check out her blog if you get a chance, she’s fabulous!

OH! And just FYI: these are books that I read THIS year though they may have been PUBLISHED before 2020!

*From Sophie’s blog:

Hi friends,

If you follow me for some years you know that at the end of each year , in December, I give you my best reads of the year.

Daily posts looking back into 2020 and gushing about my favorites.

Well this is happening again!

It’s been launched on Instagram already with other bloggers cohosting with me, some of whom are on WordPress like @sophiesreadingcorner others not like @pavlinamich ; @eliz_white and @utcabookblog .

I will post on Instagram, the blog and facebook.

If you too want to show your favorites this year, I’d be very happy to see you join us.

We’ll used #bestreadsof2020 as hashtag on social media (I confess that I will follow on Instagram with an eagle eye LOL).

Here below are the topics.



And the award(s) for the Most Charming Read goes to…


I love charming reads, charming characters, charming plots…and there’s sooo many great books out there in Romancelandia! Check out these quotes from two of this year’s faves!


Not What I Expected by Jewel E. Ann

Let me introduce you to a little monster called regret. The last thing it wants is for you to be happy. If you let it, it will ravage your soul. There’s always more to be said, one last kiss, one last hug. Don’t go to bed angry. Don’t walk out the door with anything unsettled. Don’t fucking blink. Don’t be human. If you live your life in fear, it’s not a real life. Fear will rob your joy. Regret will cripple your happiness. Let. It. Go.”

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Falling into You (Falling Stars #3) by A.L. Jackson

Eyes shut, I swayed, got lost in that mystery.

Violet and dreams and the girl.

Almost silently, I began to sing.

I closed my eyes

I fell into a dream

Watching through a looking glass

Nothin’s what it seems

Shards of ice Cold, bitter bliss

That’s what I get For stealing that first kiss

These books are what I call SWEXY: sweet + sexy! Have a marvelous day y’all!💜



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