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Hi Friends,

It’s the final book in the Dating Series, and we finish the series off with an Elf on the shelf! Okay, not really, but we do have Santa, an Elf, a single dad & a very cute little girl looking for a Christmas wish.

L.P. Dover and I hope you have enjoyed The Dating Series as much as we’ve enjoyed bringing you the stories.

Much love,


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Absurdly rich and gorgeous Daniel Wolfe is used to get what he wants. And he wants Jade. The powerful vampire male picks her from the crowd of screaming females willing to do anything to please him. He’s convinced that she’s the One, His Beloved. But he wasn’t prepared for a feisty girl who loathes vampires and doesn’t want to be his for all Eternity.

Content Warning: Explicit love scenes, naughty language, and an extremely sexy vampire. Intended for mature audiences.

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Let’s just get right to it, shall we? The ebook of One Enchanted Christmas is FREE right now through Sunday.
This is a novella I wrote a few years ago about an author who thinks she’s fallen in love with the cover model for her book. Was I maybe just a little bit inspired by real life? I don’t know. I’ll let you decide. 😉


99c SALE!!! The Parallel Series, Books 1-4 by Elizabeth O’Roark is only 99c for a limited time + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!! (reg. $9.99)

“Nobody does it better than O’Roark…unquestionably goes on my list of top five reads for the year.”— Book Addict

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If he kisses me right now, I’ll drown.
I’m not his to kiss, and he’s not mine.

Make Me Hate You by Kandi Steiner is available now for just .99!

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One Night. That’s all it was supposed to be.

Slow Burn by K. Bromberg is available now for just $1.99!

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A knight in tarnished armor is still a knight.

Sustained by Emma Chase is available now for just $1.99!

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His Royal Highness is ready for you…

Enchanting Sebastian by Kristen Proby is available now for FREE!

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