🌹Friday Faves! My Favorite Friday Faves: 3 Totally Groovy MUSICAL SCENES From Joanna Wylde, Kristen Ashley and Madeline Sheehan!🌹


Hey y’all…happy Friday!!🎉

FRIDAY FAVES is a little meme where I can post about some of my favorite book related topics, including various tropes, awesome heroes, bad boys and bookish stuff!

*Remember: all the books featured on Friday Faves are books that I have read and adored unless specifically noted!


 This Month’s Theme:

My Favorite Friday Faves

I’ve been doing FRIDAY FAVES since 2018! I can’t believe how fast time goes. Bobo’s Book Bank (aka. Me!) has been through so many ups and downs over the years. Soon, in January, this blog will be celebrating FOUR YEARS!

This is a short month for me because I’ll be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with my family and friends at the end of the month. That only leaves 3 Friday’s for the month of November! And because I’m still recovering and catching up from COVID, I’ve decided to be a little lazy. I went through some of my very first Friday Faves posts in 2018 and found three of my favorite ones! Ready to do some time traveling??


🎼 Friday Faves! 3 Totally Groovy MUSICAL SCENES From Joanna Wylde, Kristen Ashley & Madeline Sheehan!🎼

*April 2018*

Hey y’all! YAY…IT’S FRIDAY! Hope everyone had a fantastic week! I’m SOOO ready for the weekend. My family and I will be celebrating THREE birthdays on Sunday: my son, my sister and my brother. I can’t believe it but my “baby” is turning TWELVE! He was a preemie at only 4 lbs 13 oz and now he’s as tall as me..EEEK!😆😱😉

Today’s choice for FRIDAY FAVESTHREE totally groovy MUSICAL SCENES!! Woot woot! (I’m twerking in my head…) These are scenes that revolve around a song but aren’t “Rocker Romances” since that’ll be a topic for another week





Reaper’s Property (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 1) Kindle Edition by Joanna Wylde 


“It didn’t occur to me that I was glistening with sweat and wearing a bikini top until they turned off the bikes, pulled off their helmets and turned to scope me out. To make my own personal cliché perfect, Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me blasted through the radio. I winced—I must look like a white-trash princess from hell, basking outside my trailer in a bikini to outdated butt rock.”





Breathe (Colorado Mountain Series Book 4) Kindle Edition by Kristen Ashley


“I popped my earphones in and since I should be winding down rather than gearing up, which was where my thoughts were taking me, I put on one of my unwind playlists. This worked until it came up in the queue. Ella Mae Bowen’s rendition of “Holding Out for a Hero.” Lying there like I did all the time, alone, late at night, in my kickass but lonesome apartment, her beautiful voice filled with longing, singing words I’d never really listened to, hit me like a bullet tearing clean through my flesh leaving a raw ache in its wake. I didn’t even try to control the tears that filled my eyes. I didn’t feel the sting of them in my nose. I just let them fall as the ceiling above me went watery and the longing in Ella Mae’s voice, the beautiful yearning of the words, ripped me to shreds.”





Undeniable Kindle Edition by Madeline Sheehan


“Unlike most children my age who were listening to New Kids on the Block or Debbie Gibson, I was listening to the music played around the club. A particular favorite of mine was“Summertime” by Janis Joplin. So there I was, shaking my butt and singing “Summertime” way, way out of tune, waiting in line for stale potato chips in the Rikers Island family visiting room, when I heard, “You like Hendrix, too, kid?””





And it just so happens that I flove all three of those songs! Have a groovy day y’all!💜





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