🌹Hunky Hero Hump Day! Today I Nominate Garrett Monroe in: OverPowered (Anti-Hero Game: Power Chain Book 4) by Chelsea Camaron & Ryan Michele!🌹

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Hey y’all… It’s Wednesday!🤓

It’s HUMP DAY and I don’t know about you but I could use a little “pick-me-up!” So guess what? It’s time to find a HUNKY HERO to get us through the rest of the week.

Remember: this is ALL about the drool worthy cover, NOT the content! Hubba Hubba!

Today, I nominate:

Garrett Monroe



OverPowered: Anti-Hero Game: Power Chain Book 4 Kindle Edition by Ryan Michele and Chelsea Camaron

Even puppets need masters. Especially her.

She was his.
I wanted her for mine.
She thought she was in charge.
I was a puppet master in control of everything and everyone.
She was innocent.
I was all things dark and dirty.
I am Garrett Monroe.
I’ve never been overpowered or underestimated by anyone in the underworld of my business.
She has to learn he can’t save her from me – no one can. I never let go of something I claim …
Including her.

Authors Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele team up to push beyond the boundaries, going darker than ever before and crossing a line into a deep, dangerous, forbidden world. One where no one escapes, even if they beg to.
This is the Power Chain Series – a four book series of interconnected stand-alone romances.

Sigh…tall, dark and handsome! Have a spectacular day y’all!💜



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