🌹Goodreads and Summer Reading Challenges Update…84 Books Read So Far!🌹


Hey y’all… Happy Thursday!😍

So, who does reading challenges? I gotta tell ya, I was so gung ho about participating in some year long challenges…at the BEGINNING of the year. But life has a tendency to get in the way! I’m doing the Goodreads challenge and I tried to do a summer reading challenge. Not sure how I did on that one..😅


So far, I’ve read 84 books of the 100 that I challenged myself to read. I’m 12 books ahead of schedule… Yay!🎉


Summer Reading Challenge


I’ve been seeing this summer reading challenge all around the blogosphere and decided to participate this year! I haven’t really been doing many challenges but I really wanted to join in. This one is hosted byCathy@746books!

The rules said to READ and REVIEW books from your TBR. Here’s the 10 books I originally chose…


Here’s the ten I ended up reading instead…


However… I only reviewed FOUR! 

Do you see my dilemma? I’ve been really slacking with reviews but I’m determined to catch up…one day!😏😉 Have a wonderful day y’all!💜

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  1. Wow! 84 books is amazing! And the 10 books of summer goal hit! Congrats! I need to see where I am with my Goodreads challenge as I did up it in July (but I cant rememeber to what!)


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