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Heartless, A Midnight Dynasty novel

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In a single moment, she becomes my obsession…

Elaine Constantine will be mine.
And her destruction is only my beginning.

I’ve known all my life that the Constantines deserved to be wiped from the face of the earth, only a smoking crater left where their mansion once stood. But that’s a bedrock knowledge, something eternal that lives in my blood. Tonight, I infiltrate their lives, twine myself into their deceitful inner workings so I can take them apart piece by piece.

That’s my plan until I see her, the woman in gold with the sinful curves and the blonde curls. My will to dominate her runs as deep as the hate I have for her last name.

No matter how beautifully she bends beneath my hands, I’ll leave her shattered, a broken toy for her cruel family.

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Heartless (Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy, #1)Heartless by Jade West
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heartless is the first book in the Starcrossed Lovers Trilogy so of course, expect a crazy ending! A warning: this features a sadistic hero and a heroine with a penchant for pain…

Elaine Constantine is considered the “black sheep” of the family. She’s self destructing with alcohol and cocaine, considered an embarrassment to her family for her partying ways. Lucian Morelli is intent on dismantling the Constantine family but when he sees the lovely Elaine, he knows he’ll do anything to possess her…before he kills her.

I’m not a huge reader of s&m, its just not my normal go-to but I’ve read Jade West before and I love her style so when I read the blurb, I thought this would be interesting. Interesting?? This story went way beyond that! This is a warped, depraved version of Romeo and Juliet. Lucian is fracking twisted, cold, dark, evil as shit. I loathed him just as much as I was intrigued by him! Crazy, right? But I just know his character will evolve to epic proportions. By the end, I could already see him morphing just a tad and I can’t wait to see where Ms. West will take us next!

Elaine, well frankly, she was a bit pathetic, almost passive. She’d basically given up on life but as her story unfolds, I found myself rooting for her rather than being bothered by her apathy (unheard of for me). I think the reason Lucian and Elaine worked so well was because one was a sadist and the other a masochist so their chemistry was blistering! Their pasts and lineage practically molded them into these impossible situations, I wanted to scream at the injustice of it all. There’s a super fine line between love and hate yet this book walks it so damn perfectly, I found the pages flying by. I basically read it in one sitting!

I apologize for my rambling but this was one of those books that just punched me in the gut and had me scratching my head at once because I just can’t quite figure out whether I detested Elaine and Lucian or adored them! Hmmm…I guess book 2 will be telling! Told from dual POVs with an intriguing end. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.

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“Stay away from me!” she snapped, and this time around she tried to pull away. She lashed out with her hands and knees, a look of rage on her face as she tried to fight me.
She barely even managed to touch me before I pinned her, wrists high. Her clutch tumbled to the floor and the contents fell out onto the carpet. Makeup and cell and purse. She was panting, scared, hating me with every breath, but still she couldn’t fight it. She couldn’t hide the truth under the lies and the lashing out.
She wanted me.
And I wanted her.
Right there and then, beyond all doubt, I knew it. We were both crazy fucking freaks in a crazy fucking world.
“I never had you down for a stalker,” she rasped as her breath calmed. “Your family would laugh at you if they could see you right now. That or break your kneecaps.”
“What makes you think my attendance is about you?” I snarled. “I could be tracking down any one of your repulsive family right now.”
She ground her stomach against my swollen dick in my pants, and she laughed at me. Somewhere, summoned from a deep little surge of spirit inside her, she laughed at me.
“It seems the Constantine family aren’t all so repulsive, are we?” she said. “Not since you’re hard for one of us.”
“This has nothing to do with my cock,” I told her. “Your family are all due to perish, I’m just fulfilling my oath to live up to my family name.”
“Take me,” she whispered, and it surprised me so much I caught my breath. “I mean it,” she said. “Please, just fuck me before I die. At least give me that one little pleasure, tease me before you destroy me.”
Jesus Christ, she was already trashed on champagne. Her lips were so inviting. Her legs were a honey trap as she spread them for me. Her tits were aching to be mauled, and hurt, and teased.
I asked her the question again. “Who the fuck else is after you, Elaine?”


Heartless - AN IGS 2




JLZonboxx1aqCCdIIPhFLrGfyhGHxSn6XVlG2XYrPDs5JMqSEaoxCTpGn7L7Xm-jPte7XGGYkC3C6PV0zyPA9ceRVJUVb88Pt7mODz_C0CpEDTpvf8JX5ZCbtQCW42D3HFgixfCOsade West is a USA Today Bestselling Author who adores creating imaginary worlds and bringing them to life in her words. Jade is as dirty as you’d expect from her novels, and talking smut makes her smile. She lives in rural Herefordshire, in the UK, and enjoys a wide variety of unusual experiences in her very unusual lifestyle.

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