🌹Hunky Hero Hump Day! Today I Nominate Garrett Collins in: Merciless (The Alpha Bodyguard Series Book 2) by Sybil Bartel🌹


Hey y’all…happy Wednesday! (Already?)😲


It’s HUMP DAY and I don’t know about you but I could use a little “pick-me-up!” So guess what? It’s time to find a HUNKY HERO to get us through the rest of the week.

Remember: this is ALL about the drool worthy cover, NOT the content! Hubba Hubba!💋

Today, I nominate:

🔥  Garrett Collins 🔥




Merciless (The Alpha Bodyguard Series Book 2) Kindle Edition by Sybil Bartel




Gun for hire.

I didn’t care what you called it, the end result was always the same.

You paid me for a job, you got results. The Marines trained me to shoot, but life taught me to aim. Working for the best personal security firm in the business was a stepping stone. Put in my time, build the résumé, then move on. I didn’t do attachments, on any level.

Until a smoking-hot former one-night stand crossed the street in front of me, holding a kid who was my spitting image. She tried to play it off, deny he was mine. She said she didn’t remember me, right before she turned around and ran. She thought she’d made a clean escape.

But she was about to find out how merciless a bodyguard could be.

*MERCILESS is a sexy standalone book in the Alpha Bodyguard Series.

The Alpha Bodyguard Series:
SCANDALOUS – Tank’s story
MERCILESS – Collins’s story
RECKLESS – Tyler’s story
RUTHLESS – Sawyer’s story
FEARLESS – Ty’s story
CALLOUS – Preston’s story
RELENTLESS – Thomas’s story
SHAMELESS – Shade’s story




Well, what can I say? I had to buy this one! 😏 Have a spectacular day y’all!💜



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