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Two households, both alike in dignity… hit a serious snag in their ongoing prank war last semester.

The Blossoms of #246 and the Dudes of #247 each lost a member to flippin’ Love. (Insert eye-roll here.)

The lovebirds/turncoats now plan to move out, but true prankster talents are few and far between, so the remaining Blossoms are going to make damn sure there’s no shacking up before Kitty has the perfect replacement for herself.

The Blossoms and the Dudes agree on very little, but everyone agrees on this: there can be no more pranks-turned-lovers between the two arch-fratenemy houses.
Yep, everyone agrees.
Almost everyone.



“Hilarious, heartfelt, and hot, this book is the perfect follow-up to its bestselling predecessor. Saki and “Picasso’s” forbidden love story is a work of art that’d make our scorching hot artist proud.” —Bestselling Author, Alyson Santos

“A fantastically, hilarious love story. I couldn’t click fast enough! Don’t miss this must-read rom-com!”—NYT Bestselling Author, Tia Louise

“Pranked by Love is sheer comedic gold, with an overdose of heat that will have you glued to your Kindle from the first page to the last!” —NYT Bestselling Author, Ella James

“I hope you’re ready for another round of pranks and laughs because once again, Sunniva delivers the best!”—Bestselling Author, Harloe Rae