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Nine full-length novels of seduction and romance
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Valentines Days and Nights is a limited-time Valentine’s Day boxed set!
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Valentines Days and Nights is a brand new boxed set exclusively for Valentine’s Day as a gift to our readers and to introduce you to new series to love!
PUCKED by Helena Hunting
SOMETHING IN THE WAY by Jessica Hawkins
ONLY TRICK by Jewel E. Ann
WRONG by Jana Aston
ESCORT by Skye Warren
CONSOLATION by Corinne Michaels



Second Chance at Love by Joanna Campbell Slan is FREE for a limited time!
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At sixteen while on vacation in Florida, Cara Mia Delgatto lost her heart to Cooper Rivers. But her interfering parents didn’t approve. They moved Cara away from the Sunshine State and cut off all communication between the two young lovers.

In an act of rebellion, Cara makes a nearly fatal mistake—and almost destroys both her family and their business. To make up for her rash behavior, Cara spends the next twenty years of her life being “a good girl,” working in her family restaurant.

When her parents die within six months of each other, Cara decides to take a road trip and visit her son at University of Miami. On a whim, she buys a vacant building in Florida and opens a trash-to-treasure décor store. She believes with all her heart in second chances…but then Cooper Rivers walks back into her life. Can Cara and Cooper rekindle the love they felt that magic summer so long ago?


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How pretty is the new cover for All About the D?! While you’re waiting for Drew and Kendall story, grab The D for only 99 cents! The paperback cover will be switching to the new design soon, so get it asap if Santa didn’t stuff your stocking. (The sale is for the ebook.)

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Butterface is Free this Weekend Only!

Y’all! Right in time for a snowstorm coming across a big swath of the U.S. this weekend, Butterface is free so you have something hot and funny to curl up with! Yay!!! Go grab your copy today! And get ready for more fun because the the Tomboy cover reveal is coming next week!!! Oh yes, if you’ve been waiting for Tomboy since you read Muffin Top, the wait is almost over!




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Sin by M. Malone & Nana Malone is ONLY 99c!
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I’m a bodyguard. I walk softly and carry a big…stick.

Too bad I have no idea how to use it.

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell do you end up a virgin when you live in a city known for easy access?
But my focus is protecting the women of New York…not fulfilling my every desire.

Then I meet her.



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Brock by Kat Mizera is 99c!
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Brock Lassiter has it all: good looks, good health, and the best job in the world. As a defenseman for the Las Vegas Sidewinders hockey team, he’s the luckiest bastard on earth. If only he could stop getting in trouble. One more screw-up and the team won’t renew his contract. He needs to clean up his act, but he’s not interested in a ball and chain—even if it comes in the form of the woman he’s been fantasizing about for years.

Hollywood starlet Ashleigh Hunter is living the dream with a role on one of the hottest shows on television. Her life would be complete if only she could adopt the sweet orphan girl she’s fallen in love with, but a single 25-year-old woman who spends the majority of her time in the spotlight may not be able to get custody.

When Brock and Ashleigh find themselves accidentally married, they balk. There’s no denying the chemistry between them, but a marriage of convenience? Who does that anymore? Apparently, they do—and it’s not what either of them are expecting.


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Fans of mystery, suspense, and romance: this one’s for you.
For a VERY limited time, Miller’s Secret by USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson is #FREE!!

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War is hell, even after it’s over. Just ask the men who fought and the women they left behind in this suspenseful post-war drama about America’s Greatest Generation from USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson. 
An injured war hero returns home to an empty house.
A pregnant teen is abandoned by her family after her sweetheart is killed in battle.
A poor, unwanted boy becomes a man obsessed with having it all, no matter the cost.
And a rich girl who has everything except the one thing she desperately needs seeks solace in food.

When these four lives intertwine on a collision course with ruin, will it be Miller’s secret that destroys them all?



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The Playboy by Stephanie Julian is live and 99c!

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He left her behind to chase his dream…
Kyle is back in the minors to rehab his career but that’s not all he’s hoping to fix. He wants to win back the girl he left behind. But convincing Leah to take another chance on this former playboy will be harder than making it back to the NHL.

Previously published in the HOCKEY HOLIDAYS anthology



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It shouldn’t have been Coen Walker. But fate, that fickle bastard, kept throwing us together.

He’s sexy, guarded, and protective. And he’s everywhere I turn.

We’ve run into each other over and over again, and each time, he’s further invaded my soul.

My ex tried to ruin me, but I won’t let him. And Coen won’t ever let me forget how much he needs me. But when the stakes are raised, we’re going to go full throttle.

✮ ✮ ✮ HOT FREEBIE ALERT! ✮ ✮ ✮

“Carly Phillips can take you to romantic places you haven’t yet dreamed of!” – -Robyn Carr, # 1 New York Times Bestselling Author

Going Down Easy from New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips is FREE for a limited time only!

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Meet Kaden Barnes.

Alpha-licious in the most unexpected ways, Kaden Barnes always gets what he wants.

Enigmatic and exacting, he’s unable to keep an assistant for long. Until Lexie Parker arrives. She’s no-nonsense, efficient and all business… She’s also hot as sin and soon starring in Kaden’s dirtiest fantasies.

When their passion for each other reaches a boiling point, Kaden may think he’s calling the shots, but for this billionaire bad boy, going down easy has never felt so good.

Enjoy y’all!💜