🌹Another Reading Challenge! I’m Participating in the Big Bad Shhlut 2019 Reading Challenge!🌹


Hey y’all…is it 2019 already? Geez, how time flies!😁 My TWO YEAR BLOG-IVERSARY is on January 4th! Eeeek! That seems so crazy to me! Anyway, last year I participated in three reading challenges: I successfully completed two and totally messed up the third. But one of the challenges I finished was super sexy and fun so I decided to do it again this year!


*The following comes from the Goodreads page: Big Bad Shhlut 2019 Reading Challenge





🐺 Big Bad Shhlut: 2019 Reading Challenge! 🐺

A new Shhlut queen will ascend to straddle the throne. Are you fierce enough to take the crown? Unsheathe the swords because Shh… wants to challenge you to be the BIGGEST BADDEST READING ShhLUT OF US ALL!

Accept the challenge for a chance to win signed paperbacks from exceptional authors. It’s a win-win! Giveaway is open internationally.



1. A book with cover that prominently displays Shh… colors (Red and/or Blue).
2. A book with shhlutty fucking (MM/FF/MFM etc.).*
3. A book you think embodies the group name Shh…
4. A book by a Shh… guest author (click on link): http://bit.ly/BBS19Authors
5. A book posted in any ONE of the five threads in Shh… Author Corner, links under spoiler: >>> (view spoiler)
6. A book written by a male author.
7. A book title with number(s).
8. A book that spells CLIT (Use letters from title/author’s name to spell CLIT)
9. A book with a long title (Over 4 words)
10. A book from a non stand-alone series.
11. A book over 400 pages.
12. A book by one of these featured authors: http://bit.ly/BBS19P12
13. A book with a badass female character.
14. A book written by multiple authors.
15. A book that makes you fan your vagina. (Erotica)
16. A book with a silver fox.
17. A book with hero who likes to play with balls. (Sports/athlete)*
18. A book that gives you a toothache. (Sweet)
19. A book that makes you question your sanity. (Dark/mind fuck)
20. A book by author who popped his/her cherry in 2019.
21. A book with one of the four elements of Fire/Water/Earth/Air.
22. A book that makes you run to the confessional. (Taboo)
23. A book with a retelling.
24. A book with back door 🍑 action.*
25. A book that makes you scream bloody murder.*
26. A book with an alpha hero that cannot be topped or tamed.

* The entire book does not have to be centered around the mentioned theme, single scene in the book will satisfy this requirement.

✦ Prompt clarifications: http://bit.ly/BBS19Clarif

**This giveaway/event is not sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with Goodreads.


Everyone that completes this challenge will be entered into the random drawing at the end of the year.
✦ Complete the required 12 prompts (#1-12) for ONE entry to the random drawing.*
✦ Or complete all 26 prompts and get TWO entries to the random drawing.*

*Random drawing from qualifying entries. 


One signed paperback by each of these authors**:
C.D. Reiss Jodi Ellen Malpas Kennedy Ryan Keri Lake Laurelin Paige L.J. Shen Marni Mann Setta Jay Sierra Simone Suanne Laqueur

✦ Grand prize winner ✦ 5 signed paperbacks. Winner picks 5 authors.
✦ Second place ✦ 3 signed paperbacks, authors drawn at random after grand prize winner picks.
✦ Third place ✦ 2 signed paperbacks, authors drawn at random after grand prize winner picks.

**Authors will offer the winners a wide range of options from their collections of available paperbacks. Authors are not required to offer any other type of substitutions.



✦ Challenge runs from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.
✦ Challenge date/time adheres to United States Eastern time zone (EST).
✦ To participate, members must sign up on this thread before December 1, 2019 by claiming a “challenge entry” comment box below.
✦ Your challenge entry post will be used throughout the challenge; First copy and paste all the challenge prompts (from above), then update your post (see how to below) with your progress through the year by matching your read books to the prompts.
✦ Be sure to include the book cover link adjacent to each individual prompt and also include the read date and how many stars you award the book.
✦ You can complete the prompts in any order you wish, one book per prompt. Each book read can only represent one prompt.
✦ All Books must be read in 2019. No re-reads unless prompt dictates.
✦ All books must be a minimum of 119 pages and must be in the Romance or Erotica genre. We welcome all sub genres including but not limited to, dark romance/erotica, paranormal romance/erotica, historical romance/erotica, and contemporary romance/erotica.
✦ Prompt clarifications: http://bit.ly/BBS19Clarif
✦ When you have completed the challenge, declare your finished status by posting in this thread. Please include:
1) Your entry # and your name as listed on the participant list (http://bit.ly/BBS19Parti)
2) Link to your original entry (click the link on your name, then copy URL address)
✦ Participants are listed here: http://bit.ly/BBS19Parti Last update to list will be on December 2, 2019.
✦ Verified complete entries will be marked as the following:
A ☆ indicates completed and verified entry of participants who chose to do only 12 prompts.
A ★ indicates completed and verified entry of participants who chose to do all 26 prompts.



✦ Reader chat guide: https://goo.gl/YXp3wN <<< Chat like a pro in Shh…!
✦ How to claim your CHALLENGE ENTRY: >>> (view spoiler)
✦ To update your entry post with reading progress. How to EDIT >>> (view spoiler)
✦ How to insert a BOOK THUMBNAIL LINK: >>> (view spoiler)
✦ When posting book details, please use SPOILER TAGS. Here is how: >>> (view spoiler)
✦ Please adhere to GR IMAGE & LANGUAGE POLICY: >>> (view spoiler)
✦ How to win: http://bit.ly/BBS19How
✦ Prizes: http://bit.ly/BBS19Prizes
✦ Prompts 1-26: http://bit.ly/BBS2019
✦ Prompt 12: http://bit.ly/BBS19P12
✦ Prompt clarifications: http://bit.ly/BBS19Clarif
✦ Rules: http://bit.ly/BBS19Rules
✦ RSVP: http://bit.ly/BBS19RSVP
✦ Participants: http://bit.ly/BBS19Parti

PROMO Google doc: http://bit.ly/BBS19PROMO <<< Ready-to-post info/links/art!
When completing a prompt please post in social media using hashtags.
Hashtags: #ShhGroup #ShhBBS19

Shh… Art & Logistics team (AnL): SueBeewarhawkeCC & Mercedes.
Shh… Social media & TopPick team (SmT): Myla, Liz & SueBee.


Useful Links/Info:

Big Bad Shhlut: 2019 Reading Challenge links:

Join Shh…: http://bit.ly/JoinShh

RSVP: http://bit.ly/BBS19RSVP

Challenge Thread: http://bit.ly/BBS2019

Challenge Period: Jan 1 – Dec 31, 2019

FAN chat guide: https://goo.gl/YXp3wN

Hosted by: Shh… [Smut, Heroes & HEAs…]

@Shh_group on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shh_Group

Social media hashtag: #ShhBBS19 #ShhGroup

Please use THIS image with your post.

***Please note unless you have joined Shh… none of the direct links will take you to theintended threads. Goodreads re-direct all non-members to the group home page. Either 1) Join group & re-try links or 2) Look for threads on group home page (index page).

Ok, so I know this seems complicated but really, last year I was able to finish it with hardly any effort at all since just my ARCs alone mostly fit within these prompts!😉


What reading challenges will you participate in this year? Have a great day y’all!⛄




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