🌹Bobo’s Goodreads Challenge! My 2018 Reading Totals!🌹


Hey y’all…so this post was SUPPOSED to go out on the last day of December as part of Blogmas but you know, life happens and I just got too busy with family to get it done! Oops-ey!






I read 38,928 pages across 180 books!


4.6 Stars


WHEW! I barely finished 2018s challenge!

I had to reduce my numbers for 2019 since I’ve been so busy with Mr. A’s illness. 😳

So, my NEW Goodreads goal for this year is 120 books. I’ll hopefully be reading every day! And you can check out my Goodreads Challenge here: Bobo’s Goodreads Challenge 2019!


Do you participate in reading challenges? I urge you use Goodreads, whether you decide to do the challenge or not. It’s an excellent FREE source for keeping track of the books you’ve read!💚





4 thoughts on “🌹Bobo’s Goodreads Challenge! My 2018 Reading Totals!🌹

  1. Congrats, 180 is a fab total!

    I reduced mine this year to 96 as I know I’m going to be so busy with life this year. It seemed small compared to the 196 I read last year but just means I can savour every word!!!!

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