🌹BLOGMAS: BEST BOOKS OF 2018, Day 29! My Pick For the Most Memorable Scene: THE JELL-O SCENE in The Birthday List (Maysen Jar #1) by Devney Perry!🌹


Hey y’all…welcome to DAY 29 (<–only 2 days left!) of BLOGMAS: BEST BOOKS OF 2018! The very awesome and wonderful blogger, Sophie, over at Beware of the Reader is hosting this challenge where I will attempt to post about the BEST OF THE BEST in contemporary romance every day this month. Go check out her blog!!💙

I’ve thought long and hard (no pun intended) about today’s post: THE MOST MEMORABLE SCENE! Gah…another tough one, I mean I’ve read 179 books this year. That’s a lot of fantastic scenes! But in the end, I decided on a fun one that I still think about whenever I see a certain dessert…




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Goodreads: The Birthday List (Maysen Jar #1) by Devney Perry


My pick for the MOST MEMORABLE SCENE is the JELL-O SCENE from The Birthday List by Devney Perry!

Here’s a small TASTE:

 “One second she was standing, the next she was flying through the air.


Green Jell-O flew everywhere as Poppy screamed. She gargled as a chunk landed in her mouth— I gagged— then spit it out, struggling to sit up. Goo dripped from her fingertips and the knot of her hair. Her tank top would never be white again.

And I couldn’t resist. My phone was still in my hand and I lifted it up for a photo burst.” -Devney Perry


Hahaha…too funny! 😂 So what’s your most memorable scene this year? Have a fabulous day y’all!💚





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