🌹Manic Monday! This Week I’m Reading: A Dragon’s Treasure (Shifters of Black Isle Book 3) by Lorelei Moone!🌹


Hey y’all…happy Manic Monday! I basically took the last 4 days off and now I feel so discombobulated, LOL!😵

Here’s what’s happening with me:

Mr. A. has Round #6 of chemotherapy on Tuesday. After this week, he’ll be HALFWAY through chemo…YAY!! The kids go back to school also, which is both a relief and a pain since I have to go back to being a Mom Taxi, bleh. But I had an excellent Thanksgiving, ate WAAAY too much and absolutely adored spending time with my family. It was such a needed break from everything!


Here’s what’s happening on the blog:

I missed Throwback Thursday last week because of Thanksgiving but I’ll be back this week with a pick from my TBR!



This is the last week for GIRL POWER month! I’ll have a post on Friday Faves about WIDOWED WOMEN





Look for a post sometime this week with NEW BOOKS TO GET EXCITED ABOUT in December…squee!




I’ve only got one ARC to read this week though I have several reviews to write…



Wanna know exactly how many days until Christmas? Check out the link below!🎄 Have a great week y’all!🎅


2018 Christmas Countdown!



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