🌹Manic Monday! This Week I’m Reading Books by R.J. Scott, Carrie Ann Ryan, Ella Frank and T.M. Frazier!🌹


Hey y’all…happy MANIC MONDAY! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Are you ready for a new week?


Here’s what’s happening with me:

Mr. A. has chemo session #5 this week. After this one, he’ll have 7 more rounds to go. He’s doing relatively well, the main concern right now I think is keeping his weight up. Last week alone he lost 8 pounds! So I’m REALLY trying to fatten him up in between rounds of chemo so that he’ll be at a healthy weight for the surgery that will ultimately remove the tumor, we hope.😕😲

This is also the last week that the kiddos have school. They’ll be off all next week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Ay yi yi…I love my boys but they eat so much, LOL!😆


Here’s what’s happening on the blog:


On Friday Faves: GIRL POWER continues with RUBENESQUE WOMEN! All hail the curves!💋






Then of course, be on the lookout for my usual posts:






Somehow, I ended up with FOUR ARCs this week…eeek! 


From Hockey Holidays Anthology: Dallas Christmas by RJ Scott




Whiskey Undone (Whiskey and Lies Book 3) Kindle Edition by Carrie Ann Ryan




The Princess, the Prick & the Priest (Confessions #4) by Ella Frank




Possession (Perversion Trilogy Book 2) Kindle Edition by T.M. Frazier



Ok, so what are you reading this week? Have a good one y’all!😍





  1. Trisy I really, really, really hope he can have the surgery and be cured once and for all. All my thoughts go to you and your family.

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