🌹2018 Reading Challenges! Check Out My Goodreads Challenge, Big Bad Shhlut Challenge & Beat The Backlist Challenge!🌹


Hey y’all…! So, who does reading challenges? I gotta tell ya, I was so gung ho about participating in some year long challenges…at the BEGINNING of the year. But life has a tendency to get in the way!😉  I started out with 3 challenges:

  1. The Goodreads Reading Challenge

  2. The Big Bad Shhlut: 2018 Reading Challenge!

  3. The Beat the Backlist Challenge

Here’s my results so far!



This year so far, I’ve read 158 books and my goal is 180. I have 54 days left to complete this challenge and I need 22 more books! Yikes…we’ll see!😍





You can see my updated prompts: HERE!




Well…I actually kind of GAVE UP on this one.😲 This was an attempt to read some of my older books from my TBR but I just read waaay too many ARCs of new releases. I can’t help it, it’s an addiction, LOL!😆 BUT I don’t like giving up so easily so I looked to my Netgalley. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a website where you can request ARCs (advance reader copies) of books in all genres. It’s FABULOUS but addicting too so be warned!😍 Here’s the link:


Anyway, turns out I have 10 books sitting there! So here’s the challenge to myself.

8 ARCs to read in November


2 ARCs to read in December


10 ARCs to read from my Netgalley

= A total of 20 books 

That’ll give me a fresh start in January for my Netgalley AND get me real close to finishing my Goodreads challenge!! And on that note, I need to get my butt in gear and start reading!😄

Do you participate in reading challenges? How are you doing with them? Good luck if you do! Have a GREAT day y’all!






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