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Hey y’all…today I’m super excited to welcome author Lynn Mullican! Hi, Lynn! Thanks so much for agreeing to this interview. I’ll split it up into 2 parts. The first part will be about you and the second part will be about your work. Please answer only the questions you feel comfortable with!

Let’s get to know a little about you…

1) Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself that’s NOT in your bio? (i.e. Favorite food, movie, drink or…?)

I love Mexican food and Coca-Cola. It’s my vice in life. Lol! My two favorite movies are An American Werewolf in London and The Princess Bride. It’s funny how they are so opposite of one another. 

2) What is your favorite genre, subgenre or trope to READ? Name 2 books on your bookshelf or your kindle.

I prefer horror and psychological thrillers. False Memory by Dean Koontz and Headhunter by Michael Slade

3) If you could have dinner with any celebrity in the world, past or present, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

I would love to go to dinner with Anthony Hopkins. He’s such a multi-faceted person and has such an enigmatic personality. I would love to learn more about him and get inside his head. I love his work! 

4) What do you like to do for relaxation?

I like to read and enjoy a hot bath. I also enjoy spending time outdoors with my family and friends. 

5) Here’s some quick “This or That” type questions…

– Coffee or tea?

– Cat or dog?

– Fall or spring?

– Chocolate or hard candy?

– Hair up or hair down?

A. Coffee – but honestly, I love both. 

B. Cats – I love both though. 

C. Fall

D. Chocolate

E. Hair up

Ok, let’s move onto your work as an author.

6) What is your favorite genre, subgenre, or trope to WRITE? Which book, short story, poem or play (written by you) is your favorite?

I write horror and paranormal. My favorite out of my books is Crystal Dragon. I literally spent blood, sweat and tears on that book. Plus, Crystal is my alter ego. She is loosely based on me. My daughter’s read it and said the same thing before I had a chance to tell them. 

7) How relevant do you feel the covers are for your books? Is that something you spend a lot of time on?

Oh, I’m very particular about my book covers. They have to have relevance to the story. 

8) You’ve written both series and novels. Which do you prefer writing and why?

I enjoy writing novels because I can delve further into the characters and their development. 

9) What’s one of the most surprising things you’ve learned about yourself while writing?

I don’t know if I would call it surprising but I have learned that I can sit down and write for hours at a time. I am a passionate person, so when it comes to my writing I really put myself in the story. It can be an emotional experience.  

10) Where do you get your inspiration from for your books?

I get inspiration from everything, from my family, music, real life. Nothing passes me by. 

Thank you, Lynn!😁


Sacrificial Blood

“When blood is all you have left to give.”

Sacrificial Blood teaser


A one-day excursion takes Don and Catherine into a historical museum where things are not quite what they seem. Catherine, a horror fanatic, loves to torment her husband with little quips while he faces his worst fear straight on but, when things take a turn for the worse, Don must conquer that fear or die trying.

Sacrificial Blood – Reviews
“Catherine and Don are visiting a little hole in the wall museum during a weekend trip to the desert. Don’s a scaredy cat and Catherine loves to scare him. The museum has a frumpy and grumpy curator, and a basement full of lifelike mannequins. It’s definitely a setup for a typical horror flick and I’m okay with that.
While exploring the basement, the couple encounter some truly terrifying things…basically your worst nightmare if you were to find yourself inside a basement full of lifelike mannequins. Don has to man up and face his fears in order to get the couple out alive. This is a short story, and you can probably read it in under an hour. It moves fast, as most short stories do, and the ending is a jaw dropper.
I’m giving this one a 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it as a good story to read aloud in the car while on your way to one of those haunted house excursions you’re likely to go on this time of year.” –Rebecca Milhoan, BiblioGal


Seemingly more alert, Don looked around. His chest tightened.
“What’s wrong, Don?”
Eyes wide, he asked, “Why are we the only ones in the museum? Have you noticed that? I haven’t seen anybody else.”
Goosebumps broke out on Catherine’s skin. “When we started through the museum the cashier disappeared, too,” she said.
He glanced back at the mannequin. Chills ran up his spine. It was time to go. Then, something caught his attention. He froze.
He stared at the mirror next to the mannequin’s face. It had a smoky substance on it. The smoke dissipated. He swallowed hard.
It wasn’t smoke…the mannequin was breathing.
An eerie whisper escaped its lips. “Blood…I need your blood.”its lips, “I’m coming for you mommy… I’m coooommming for you…”its lips, “I’m coming for you mommy… I’m coooommming for you…”
A door slammed shut. He spun around. Their only exit was the basement door. It was closed. He turned to grab his wife. She was nowhere to be seen.
The wooden floor creaked behind him. Something moved.
Where the hell was Catherine? The floor creaked again. It was subtle. He was afraid to turn around.
It was not his wife’s footsteps. It could only be the mannequin. Then, it touched him.
The hand tightened on his shoulder. He cringed. The hand was cold. The mannequin’s fingers should have been rigid, not limber and soft. Was his wife behind him?
Hesitantly, he turned his head. The mannequin stood before him. Half of her face was broken away. The eyeballs stared at him. A bloody mass of muscle and tissue under human skin was openly revealed on the left side of missing plastic. He screamed.
The other hand reached for him. It was plastic, but it moved more human-like, which scared him even more. He recoiled.
In his haste to get away, he slammed into the wooden wall behind him. The wall shifted. Several pieces of décor and artifacts rained down upon them.



Sacrificial Blood Kindle Edition by Lynn Mullican

Zero Sixx

“A battle for survival.” 

Zero Sixx - E-Book cover1


Three spaceships are sent on a rescue mission when a spaceship collides with their space station. Their rescue mission turns into a deadly discovery when they find two alien beings who are intent on destroying each other, including those who get in their way.

Peter clutched onto the radio, sweat beading on his forehead. He glanced back at the steel door. He had managed to escape the quarantine area where they housed the alien they had found. It had been knocked unconscious when they found it but now it was awake…and angry.
Peter sat in the spaceship’s cabin, the door locked behind him, staring out of the window. Chaos had filled the spaceship, followed by blood and death. Now, all was silent. It was dark inside the spaceship and the air was stale. A pungent odor filled the cabin. He sat on the edge of the seat and continued to glance back at the door, waiting for…
Loud static came over the radio. Peter fumbled with the receiver, almost dropping it. Finally, he grabbed it and silenced it. The stench was growing stronger by the minute.
He brought the receiver up to his quivering lips and whispered, “This is Zero Sixx. Come in, Andro Forty-two.”
Peter looked up at the pilot’s seat where Derek’s dead body sat. Derek was decaying right before his eyes. The alien had stung Derek with its tail before he made it into the cabin. Peter could only assume the injected venom caused his death and the decay.
He pressed his lips together and slowly let up on the button, as if doing so, would delay the noise. The static erupted, echoing within the cabin. He pressed the button to eliminate the noise. He didn’t want the alien to hear it and find him in here.
Peter peered back at the door. It was steel and it was locked. The alien couldn’t get through, could it? It was steel after all.
He whispered into the receiver, his voice shaking. “This is Zero Sixx. Andro Forty-two, come in. This is an emergency.”
He released the button and looked at the console. More static. The spaceship was still on auto-pilot, so it would float in space until Andro Forty-two or even Maxx Nine found him. He glanced over at Derek again. The stench was coming from him.
Peter spun in his seat and stared at the console, trying to figure out his next step. Andro Forty-two wasn’t getting back with him. He could land the spaceship, but in doing so, he would bring the alien back to his own planet, and suffice to say, could engage a war between the alien and his own people, especially after the attack in quarantine.
Something brushed against the steel door, scraping it. Peter spun around, searching for the nearest weapon. That was when he spotted the gun on Derek’s hip.
Eyes wide, he reached for it, trying to avoid touching Derek’s skin which had almost completely melted away. Bile rose in his throat.
Then Ellen, the medic, yelled through the door. “Peter…”
Peter grabbed the gun and started to stand, forgetting to unsnap the gun holster. Derek’s body fell toward him. He scrambled to get away and lost his grip on the gun. The captain’s body fell on top of the weapon, preventing Peter from accessing it without having to move the body. Peter yelped. Derek’s body fell across the walkway to the console, blocking him from accessing it.
“Peter, are you in there? I’m hurt,” she said with a weak tone.
Peter looked around the room, opening consoles.
“Peter, please, I’m hurt. Are you in there?”
First aid kits, towels, and other items spilled from the consoles but no weapons. He could help her but he needed something to defend himself with and he sure as hell wasn’t going to touch Derek. That could be certain death but if Ellen was near the door and the alien wasn’t near her, then maybe he could pull her into the cabin.
Peter ran to the door. “Ellen, I’m here. Is that alien near you?”
“Oh, thank God!” she screamed.
He winced. “Shush, Ellen, it will hear you. Keep quiet.” He unlocked the door. “Now listen to me, I’m going to open this door. Please keep quiet and…”
She screamed, a blood curdling sound that sent chills down his spine. Peter flipped the latch and locked it again. He backed away from the door and stared at it, afraid the alien was going to bust through it. Then, a male voice came across the receiver.
“Zero Sixx, are you there?”
Peter snatched it from the seat. “Andro Forty-two, there’s…” Static interrupted him. “Andro Forty-two, can you hear me? We have an emergency.” More static interrupted. “Forty-two!”
Something heavy hit the door. Hair rose on the back of his neck. He lowered his voice and stared at the door. “Andro Forty-two, there’s…”
Something punctured the door, gouging a hole in it.
Peter’s heart raced. The alien was coming through. “Andro Forty-two, there’s…”


91it4XAvWrL._SY300_LYNN MULLICAN was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  She is married to Patrick Mullican and has three adult children, Cassandra, Bridget and Joeseph. She also has three grand-daughters and two grand-sons.

Starting from the age of 7, she began to write short stories and developed a love for the art. At twelve years old, she submitted a short story to her school for a Creative Writing competition and took 1st Place. Throughout her teenage years, she continued to write short stories. At the age of 14, her love of the art took a turn towards the theatrical when she started writing scripts, plays and poetry. In high school, she attended Drama and Journalism. It was then that she wrote her first screenplay, in which she received high praise from a local playwright, Dorothy Seiffert.

In 1985 she met her husband and married him two years later. She became a stay at home mom after the birth of each of her children. It was during this time Lynn wrote several poems, which were published; In Memory and Waking Up One Morning in 1987, A Baby Poem in 1989, 1990 and 1996, The Violent Mind in 1993, The Demon of Love, Mother!, and Night of Intrusion in 1996, and Possession-Obsession in 2000. During this time, she took a Creative Writing course.

Lynn’s writing was put on hold while she raised her children, worked a full-time job, and also went to college.

She also studied Chinese and American Kenpo with the Red Dragons Arizona Self Defense Systems under the direction of Sifu Denis Wooten. She has taken 1st and 3rd Place for Kata in Arizona State Tournaments. She also studied American Kenpo under the direction of Dennis Conatser Sr. She has years of extensive knowledge in self-defense and martial arts under her belt.

Currently, Lynn works a full-time job and writes part time. As of 2018, Lynn has eight published short stories, four of which were published in anthologies, and three published novels; Bad Elements series, Crystal Dragon, Blood for Blood and The Hybrid Unleashed.








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