🌹Manic Monday…on Tuesday! This Week I’m Reading Books by Lynn Mullican, A.L. Jackson & Rebecca Shea, L.A. Fiore and Shantel Tessier!🌹


Hey y’all…happy Manic Monday…on Tuesday! So, my internet died on Sunday. 😢 And I, quite literally, just got it fixed. As a woman who was born in the 70’s (yes, I’m showing my age) and grew up with no internet, who in fact has spent most of her life WITHOUT the internet, let me tell you, these past two days have been AGONY! 😩 (not really but close!) I think I almost had a panic attack because I was only able to get a few posts up! How in the heck did I become so dependent on the net???



Anyway, I’ll make this post short since I have a LOT of catching up to do. So, this is my very first year participating in the FOSTER AN AUTHOR campaign! YAY! My author is Lynn Mullican who writes paranormal, fantasy and horror romance. Perfect for the Halloween season, right? You’ll be hearing about her all week long!



This is also VAMPIRE week! SQUEEE! I’ll have a list of some of my best vampire romances on Friday Faves! I may even squeeze in another GIVEAWAY!



And here’s what I’m reading this week, I’ve got several on my kindle!



Raven’s Hill Kindle Edition by Lynn Mullican




One Wild Ride: A Hollywood Chronicles Stand- Alone Novel Kindle Edition by A.L. Jackson & Rebecca Shea



The Gathering: The Ivy Blackwood Chronicles Kindle Edition by L.A. Fiore




Goodreads: Slaughter by Shantel Tessier



Gotta run…more posts to do! Have a great week y’all!





  1. Well Trisy I am also from the 70s and would be lost without the internet! What did we do? And how did we become so dependent???

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