🎃Halloween Fun! A Few Hilarious Memes and Monster Meatloaf!🎃


Hey y’all…this post has nothing what so ever to do with books but I’m a Halloween nutcase and thought these memes were just too funny not to share! Plus, I’m adding in my version of “Monster Meatloaf” and “Bat Wings”!🎃😉

Thanks to Susan over at Susan Loves Books for giving me the idea for this post (though she uses fun book memes!). She’s an awesome blogger and super sweet so check out her blog!











*P.S. These are all memes that I borrowed from Pinterest…😳



This recipe is a MUST in my house every year on Halloween! All of my THINGS insist on me making my MONSTER MEATLOAF. There’s no real recipe, I just use ground beef and I follow the directions on the back of a McCormick seasoning pouch. But I shape the meat into all kinds of fun things and use onions to make teeth and eyes. My kiddos love it! Super easy and fun!





Also, if you want to make “BAT WINGS“, mix black edible food dye with any bbq sauce in a large Ziploc bag, then marinate the chicken wings in the fridge for a few hours. The longer it sits, the darker the color!

TIP: a little bit of dye goes a long way and use gloves or your hands will be black for a few days!😱😂


Once again, I apologize for my horrible pics, LOL!😏 Anyone else enjoy making special Halloween food? I’m always looking for new ideas so let me know in the comments! Have a fun and safe Halloween y’all!




  1. Haha these are great! So glad that my Sunday Bookish Love Inspired you!! Love the meatloaf and for the record those bat wings look like something my dog leaves in our backyard! Hahaha I am a wing addict so………you never know! I might try them! Great post Trisy!!💕💕

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  2. I hope that didn’t sound mean Trisy! I didn’t mean for it to be! I just wrote the first thing that I thought it was before reading what you wrote! Sometimes I think I need to stop and breathe before typing! I’m sorry if I offended you……it wasn’t my intention at all!🙃

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    1. Oh my goodness Susan, no kidding, I just saw these comments…they slipped by me but no worries, I don’t offend that easily and I thought that was hilarious!!!😁😂 Those wings look gross but taste yummy…my kiddos were so grossed out by them, LOL!😄

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