🌹Manic Monday! This week I’m Reading Books by Katy Regnery, Chelle Bliss and Kylie Scott!🌹


Hey y’all…it’s another MANIC MONDAY! 😡 But it’s also October 1st, my favorite month of the year, Woo Hoo!🎃



What’s happening with me?

Tomorrow, Mr. A. goes for his second round of chemo. That’s at least 5 hours I’ll be sitting with him but maybe I can get some reading done! He’s in good spirits and feeling better now that he’s taking insulin shots. But it’ll be pretty busy as we have doctor visits Monday through Thursday…eeek!😱


What’s happening on the blog?

Oh my Gawd, y’all…I’m so EXCITED! I have at LEAST 2 giveaways planned, maybe three! (One will be international & one will be U.S. only) I don’t do giveaways too often mostly because I’m afraid no one will enter, LOL! But I’m pushing my boundaries and hoping I’ll get a good response…I’m also taking part in FOSTER AN AUTHOR 2018 where I’ll be pimping out a special author at the end of the month!😍


Bloggers can sign up here: Foster an Author 2018


This whole month will be dedicated to the weird, the unknown, the WICKED…the PARANORMAL! I’m working on finding some fantastical books to share with y’all on FRIDAY FAVES:



Plus, I’m reading THREE new ARCs, possibly four since two of the ARCs are short…




Fragments of Ash: (inspired by “Cinderella”) (A Modern Fairytale Book 7) Kindle Edition by Katy Regnery



Flow (Men of Inked: Southside Book 2) Kindle Edition by Chelle Bliss



Strong: A Stage Dive Novella Kindle Edition by Kylie Scott


What’s on your kindle this week? Or in your hands? Or on your Nook? Your iPad? TELL ME!!! Have a good one y’all!




  1. First of all I am sending you positive vibes! Be strong both of you. Second I will help pimp your giveaways. Third enjoy your reads! 💋

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