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Just Like Animals: A Werelock Evolution Series Standalone Novel 

by Hettie Ivers 



For ten long years, I stayed away to protect her.

I thought I’d successfully subverted my wolf’s instincts where Bethany was concerned.

But when I saw her on that dance floor, my inner beast took over.

I told myself it would be just one dance. One dance and I’d let her go.

I didn’t mean to bite her.

Or f*ck her in the middle of a crowded dance club.

Or kidnap her… again.

NOTE: “Just Like Animals is a fast-paced dirty ride” (to quote a reviewer). The romance between the main couple is written to work as a standalone for readers new to the Werelock Evolution world. However, please note that this is book number 5 within the Werelock Evolution series, so it also continues elements of the overarching storyline for the world. 90k word, full-length novel. HEA with NO cheating.


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Just Like AnimalsJust Like Animals by Hettie Ivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

JUST LIKE ANIMALS is a standalone within the Werelock Evolution series but it IS part of the overall arc so I think it’d be better enjoyed if you follow from the beginning! (Besides, it’s an awesome series!)

So here’s the gist…and I’m not gonna try to explain the ENTIRE premise of the series because everything interconnects. Though Hettie does a good job weaving it all together so a new reader won’t be totally lost. That being said, we met both Raul and Bethany in the first part of the series. Raul and Milena are brothers and sisters. They’re both werelocks but are each alphas of separate packs who happen to be arch enemies. Bethany is Milena’s best friend, is human and is blissfully unaware of the existence of werewolves. Fate has other plans because Bethany is Raul’s mate and he’s tired of waiting for her!

Up to this point, Raul was portrayed as the “villain”. And honestly, he always seemed like a douchebag. But there’s always two sides to every story and let me tell you, I bow down to Ms. Ivers because she made me FLOVE Raul! Was he perfect? Nope. He definitely had his nincompoop moments. But after everything was said and done, he absolutely ADORED Bethany. I could feel how devoted he was to her and that’s the kind of romance I enjoy.

This is a lighter read than previous books. It’s a little bit out there, it’s clever and fun, it’s twisted entertainment. More importantly, it’s Sexy. As. Hell. Seriously, have an extra pair of undies nearby! I can’t really say more without giving stuff away except that Bethany and Raul fit together like Ross and Rachel («–“Friends” reference).

I’ll add this one to the rest of the series on my READ AGAIN E-SHELF! Told from dual POVs with a happy for now ending. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.

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Hettie Ivers has a tendency to see satire and irony everywhere. She enjoys writing flawed characters who make mistakes, and favors fresh spins on popular romance novel tropes.

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  1. Thank you so much, Trisy!! 🙏😀 FLOVE your review and I’m so happy you enjoyed this one and grew to love Raul despite his “nincompoop moments”. 😂 (That’s a great word, btw. 🙌)
    Thank you for reading and for your awesome review!! I really appreciate it. ❤️

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