🌹Manic Monday! This Week I’m Reading Books by Shannon Stacey and J. Kenner!🌹


Hey y’all…happy Manic Monday! Hope everyone’s weekend was great and if you’re in the US or Canada, happy Labor Day! 

I wanted to thank all of my blogger/book friends who are keeping my family and especially Mr. A in their prayers and thoughts. We’re in the calm before the storm right now since we’re waiting until September 13th for the port to be placed in his chest and then chemo begins on September 18th. We’ve been spending some quality quiet time together and resting up.



This week on the blog:


Look for an update on my Goodreads Challenge sometime Tuesday or Wednesday!




On Throwback Thursday, I’ll be pulling a school related book from my TBR!




I’ve got a whole month of school related favorites planned for September!




There’s two ARCs on my kindle to read plus I’ll have a review for LOST BOY by M. Robinson! 



Under Control (Boston Fire) by Shannon Stacey




Please Me: A Stark Ever After Novella Kindle Edition by J. Kenner



What are you reading this week? Have a good one y’all!





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