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Giving Chase (Chase Brothers #1)

By Lauren Dane

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Contemporary



Previously published; newly refreshed by author

The Chase boys. Ridiculously hot and notoriously single.

When landscaper Kyle Chase takes notice of Maggie Wright, all of Petal, Georgia, wonders what the quiet schoolteacher is hiding underneath her tight bun and boring blouses. Even Maggie doesn’t quite get it, but after a failed relationship and a disastrous attempt to get back out there, she’s no match against the famous Chase charm, and Kyle has it in spades.

Kyle wants Maggie in his life—and in his bed—and he doesn’t mind getting down and dirty to prove it. For years he’s avoided the kind of trouble that comes with “good girls” like her, but Maggie’s the best trouble he’s ever been in. He craves more of it. And more of her.

But even as their love grows into thoughts of forever, a hidden danger from Maggie’s past threatens to tear them apart. And when Maggie suddenly disappears, Kyle must put his faith in his family and race to save the love of his life before he loses her forever.

The Chase is on. One small town. Four hot brothers. And enough heat to burn up anyone who dares to get close. Don’t miss the next books: Taking ChaseChased and Making Chase.


Giving Chase (Chase Brothers, #1)Giving Chase by Lauren Dane

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GIVING CHASE is the first book in the Chase Brothers series. It’s a re-issued story that’s been newly edited.

Maggie is a history teacher who’s been in a dating slump. Her besties, Dee and Liv convince her to get a small makeover. Before she knows it, Maggie has attracted the attention of three handsome men…Alex, the local librarian and not one but TWO Chase brothers. Shane is the sheriff and although he’s attracted to Maggie, he’s not looking for anything other than a good time. Kyle, on the other hand, can’t seem to stay away from the gorgeous teacher. Will one of these men win Maggie’s heart?

Let me preface this by saying that I do remember reading this book waaay back when and I’ve been a fan of Lauren Dane for years. But I was a bit disappointed in this book. Ms. Dane does say in the Author’s note that she didn’t want to change anything, that she wanted to keep the integrity of the story intact. So there’s only a few grammatical changes. Maybe I’ve simply outgrown this book because I remember enjoying it the first time I read it but it didn’t do much for me this time around! 😦

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s some great things in here. For example, Kyle is an absolute sweetheart! I wish we got more of his background, more of his thoughts because Kyle was the star of the show. He was charming, attentive and just so flippin’ SWEET. I felt sorry for Maggie as she had a family that was down right mean but she was still strong enough to break free from all that negativity and that’s definitely something to admire. She was also extremely loyal to her friends. However, she was kinda wishy washy. Sometimes she seemed incredibly shy and had really low self-esteem and sometimes she was this little spit fire with attitude! I also wanna give a nod to the Chase Clan. They were the ultimate southern family…big, boisterous and loving.

The beginning was confusing for me! I wasn’t sure which brother Maggie was supposed to be with. I had to re-read the blurb because I knew this wasn’t a love triangle but it’s set up to be one in the first few chapters. Plus, the story is told from multiple POVs but it jumps from person to person without any clear delineation. So one moment, I’m reading Kyle’s point of view and the next I’m reading Maggie’s, sometimes in the same paragraph! YIKES! That took awhile to get used to.

At the core of this book is a pleasant romance between two lovely characters with a dash of suspense and a bit of sexy. I think it could’ve been so much more with a few updates and maybe some rewritten or rearranged paragraphs but I’m sure it’ll still appeal to a lot of people! I’ll give the next one a try just because I DO love Ms. Dane and her books. Told from multiple POVs with a happy ending. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.

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61bbh1ADqBL._SY300_The story goes like this – While on pregnancy bed rest, Lauren Dane had plenty of down time so her husband took her comments about “giving that writing thing a serious go” to heart and brought home a secondhand laptop. She wrote her first book on it before it gave up the ghost. Even better, she sold that book and never looked back.

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