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Hey y’all! Welcome to another edition of Throwback Thursday –» Bad Boy Biker style!

Throwback Thursday is a meme where I can share some oldies but goodies…books that are older than a year and have been sitting on my TBR for awhile or books that I’ve read & enjoyed from my READ AGAIN E-SHELF! I’ve seen this meme floating around for awhile now so I finally decided to jump on board. Thanks to Renee @ It’s Book Talk who started this meme! If you get a chance, go check out her blog!

In keeping with the theme this week, I thought I’d share a book that’s been on my TBR for a long time. My sweet friend, Janine over at The World Was Hers For The Reading reminded me about the fabulous author of this book and I was FINALLY able to read it!



Making the Cut (Selected Sinners #1) by Scott Hildreth


No cheating, no sex outside the relationship, no love triangles, and no club whores, HEA, no cliffhanger.

Determined to remove herself from the rules and regulations of her overbearing religious parents, Avery escapes to college and is determined to make it on her own. Working as a bartender, and mere weeks before her college graduation, she finds herself face to face with thirty members of an Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

She had no idea when the President of the club walked in she’d go weak in the knees for the gorgeous tattooed biker.

Axton (aka Slice) is the President of the Selected Sinners MC. At the onset of a huge gun deal with a notorious prison gang, he has no time or desire to have a woman in his life.   Abused by his Hell’s Angel father as a child, and wronged by every woman in his past, Axton has one devotion – the MC.

After finding out he needs Avery’s Criminal Justice education and her linguistic skills to assist in making the gun deal a success, Axton reluctantly approaches her to act as his interpreter.

Hoping to win Axton over, Avery attempts to turn off her smart mouth, turn on her charm, and become his woman of interest; even if it means sacrificing a level of independence she’s grown accustomed to.

But when the gun deal goes to hell in an hand basket, both Avery and Axton are left wondering what their next move may be.

NOTE TO READERS* This book is a stand-alone love story and the first book of a series. No other book is required to tell THIS tale. It does have graphic violence, explicit language, sexual situations, and the intricacies of being in an Outlaw Motorcycle Club depicted. All sexual partners in this MC Erotic Romanceare over the age of 18. Stand alone love story. HEA. No cliff hanger.


Making the Cut (Selected Sinners MC, #1)Making the Cut by Scott Hildreth

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

MAKING THE CUT is book one in the Selected Sinners MC and is a gritty standalone. This is my first read by author Scott Hildreth.

Avery is on the verge of graduating from college. One night, while working at her bartending job, the Selected Sinners MC walks in for a drink. She meets the president of the club, Axton (aka Slice) and immediately becomes infatuated. Axton is intrigued by Avery too but he has a long history of bad experiences with women. Can Axton work through his past enough to actually have a relationship with Avery?

First, a warning! This is NOT your average unicorn and rainbows story. The men in this MC are raw, gritty, rude and crass. They cuss…A LOT. They’re uber alpha. They’re cavemen with attitude. And if you’re one of those readers that takes everything to heart, well, these guys will DEFINITELY piss you off!

Now, I’m one of those readers that loves the FANTASY that a good author can weave, whether the story is based on truth or not. And while I’d kick my husband’s butt if he talked to me how Axton sometimes talked to Avery, in this book, I can appreciate how Axton uses his bad ass persona and his crummy attitude to deflect Avery’s attention away from his troubled past. In fact, I loved how NEANDERTHAL he was! Maybe that makes me a crazy lady, I don’t know, but I really dug Axton’s character.

Where Axton was a more somber, dark character, Avery was really a quirky little bird. She was funny and sweet. Confident in some aspects but vulnerable in others. Avery was like the ying to Axton’s yang. She was a breath of fresh air for Axton and she brought some levity to the story that I loved! Together, Avery and Axton were the perfect package.

There’s a few twists in the plot that were surprising too. Not that this is full of mystery or intrigue. No, for me, the characters were more interesting than the plot. (Which, in all honesty, is what I prefer!) But there’s just enough drama to add satisfying layers to the wonderful characters.

Overall, this is a well written book with over the top, bold characters. I rated this one 4.5 stars but rounded up because I totally enjoyed the male author perspective of a sexy romance! Told from dual POVs with a happy ending. I voluntarily read and reviewed this book.


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