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Hey y’all! Can you believe it’s Thursday? Even worse, can you believe that June is almost over?? My birthday is in a little over a week and I’ll be 43 young years! 💪🎉🎂 Exciting!

Throwback Thursday is a meme where I can share some oldies but goodies…books that are older than a year and have been sitting on my TBR for awhile or books that I’ve read & enjoyed from my READ AGAIN E-SHELF! I’ve seen this meme floating around for awhile now so I finally decided to jump on board. Thanks to Renee @ It’s Book Talk who started this meme! If you get a chance, go check out her blog!

So because it’s PRIDE month, I wanted to go back and find one of my 5 Star M/M romances. Check it out!



The Road Home: A New Adult Gay Love Story Kindle Edition by Elsa Winters & Brad Vance


I’m your friend, Andrew. I think I’m the only friend you’ve got.”

Nick Carpenter grew up in the foster system after watching his parents die in a car crash. Now, he’s finally found a place for himself as an EMT. Partnered with a gruff but very competent paramedic as his first assignment in Seattle, he figures that it’s best to keep this working relationship strictly professional, even if Andrew is hot as hell.

“You let the patient talk, Nick, because sooner or later they’ll probably tell you what you need to know.”

Andrew Hazard loves his job, even if he gets paired with a different EMT every couple weeks. Once an EMT proves himself incompetent, Andrew makes no effort to be friends with them. That’s why it’s such a relief when Nick comes along. He keeps the ambulance stocked, he can drive well, and he knows how to start an IV. He’s great at saving lives, and also a great person to hang out with. From hiking to movies, they find themselves spending a lot of time with each other. Nick’s homosexuality definitely isn’t a problem, even though Andrew’s girlfriend jokes that he wants to spend more time with Nick than with her.

“You wanna go on an adventure?”

When Andrew gets the chance of a lifetime – going to the prestigious UCLA Medical School – his girlfriend doesn’t share his enthusiasm. And so, freshly broken up, Andrew asks Nick to go with him on a road trip down south to check out the area. Nick wants to keep him as his best friend, even though his romantic feelings have reached a fever pitch. But he also realizes that this could be his last chance to let Andrew know how he feels. Will Andrew let Nick into his heart, or will this road trip be their last hurrah?


*Originally reviewed: January 2017

The Road HomeThe Road Home by Elsa Winters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

THE ROAD HOME is an M/M standalone romance.

Nick is an EMT who begins his new job partnered with the handsome (and straight) paramedic, Andrew. They become good friends but soon Nick’s feelings blossom into more. Can he convince Andrew that they should be more than just friends?

Elsa Winters and Brad Vance are two new to me authors and I’m super glad I picked this one up. To me, this story was way more than just sex. Andrew and Nick both figuratively and literally found their way “home”. They both suffered from low self-esteem issues but were able to find strength and solace in their friendship and love for each other. It was beautiful watching these two overcome their obstacles to come together!

Overall, this was a very smooth, easy read and a well written story. Looking forward to more from these authors! Told entirely from Nick’s POV with a very saucy ending. I received, read and voluntarily reviewed this book.


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Do you read LGBTQ romances? Have a FANTASTIC day y’all!




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