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Author: Taylor M. Lunsford

Genre: Contemporary Romance


About Fair Game:

In her designer shoes and power suits, Vivien Monroe couldn’t be more out of place in the video game company she inherited from her eccentric father. Not only does she have to sort out her father’s last request and deal with a younger sister she barely knows, she has to go toe-to-toe with her father’s protégé—a man who makes her think about the last thing she should be thinking about right now.


With his thick-framed glasses and graphic tees, Liam Hale is the exact opposite of what she needs right now. His relaxed, out-of-the-box attitude reminds her too much of her father’s more exasperating quirks, but his dedication and quiet stubbornness begin to drive her crazy in a completely different way.


All Vivien wants is to get back to her life in New York, but someone is stealing the company’s best game ideas, and an FBI agent is sniffing around. She’ll save her father’s legacy for her sister and then she’s out of there—if she can leave Liam behind.

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Liam expected her to be one of those women who slept with the silk mask things and didn’t move an inch in their sleep. Instead, he found her curled in a ball, her arms and one leg wrapped around a large pillow. Released from its usual confined style, her hair spread out around her in snaking tendrils of fire, the color even richer next to the white of the sheets and the cream of her skin.
Speaking of her skin…the pajamas she wore—if you could call them that—set his blood ablaze, even in the dim light. The dark blue shorts must have ridden up when she cuddled the pillow because a large expanse of sleek thigh gleamed in the lamp light, sending his brain darting down trails it definitely didn’t need to go down. One strap of the silky camisole fell precariously off her shoulder, threatening to give him a glimpse of the full swell of her breast.
He took a seat on the bed beside her. His eyes drifted down to her lips and her messy red hair. What would she do if he leaned down and kissed her, burying his hands in that wild hair? He could never tell where he stood with her. It would be so easy to test her reaction. She’d be warm from sleep, and she’d probably taste as sweet as she smelled.
Steeling himself against his baser instincts, he reached out and gently shook Vivien’s shoulder, moving his hand back the instant she started to stir. A frown marred her forehead as she tried to shake off sleep.
“Liam? What the hell are you doing in my room? On my bed?” Her voice, rusty as a steampunk corset, sent another jolt of awareness through him.
He told himself to stop imagining what that voice would be like to wake up to every morning. Focus. She had a concussion, for God’s sake. “I’m supposed to wake you up every few hours to make sure you’re not dead, remember?”
“Oh.” She sat up a little, tugging the loose strap up her shoulder. “Right. Well, as you can see, I’m alive and well.”
“You feel okay? No dizziness? Nausea?”
She groaned. “No. My head feels like it was whacked with a baseball bat, but other than that I’m fine.”
“You sure?” He reached out and stroked her hair back to get a better look at the bump on her head.
Wincing, she nodded. “Yes. Was there something else you needed? Or did you just come in here to bug me?”
“You scared me, Viv. When I saw you on the floor—” His voice caught in his throat, suddenly feeling like the little kid who’d lay awake on the nights after his dad blew out of town again, scared that he’d lose his mom too.
To his surprise, her hand came up to stroke his cheek, heat following the path of her slim fingers. “Hey. I’m okay. I promise. I’ve got a hard head.”



About Taylor M Lunsford:

From the time she figured out how to turn the Disney Read-Along cassette tape over in the dark, Taylor’s been addicted to reading—both authorized and unauthorized. By the time she was thirteen, she’d started writing Newsies fan fiction and reading romance novels late into the night. A champion multi-tasker, she’s been known to read, write, and watch TV all at the same time, especially if there’s a HEA ending involved. In addition to being a frequent stress baker, she’s spent the majority of her free time becoming fluent in most dialects of nerdiness, starting with musicals, and is mildly obsessed with all things British (especially the Royal Family and tennis champ Andy Murray). Growing up with a village of strong women as an example, she doesn’t miss an opportunity to weave in community engagement and feminism into each of her books in one way or another—her heroines are always sassy and smart and her heroes wouldn’t have them any other way.

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