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The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club Book 1)


The Broken Puppet (Elite Kings Club Book 2)

By Amo Jones


The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club Book 1):

Madison Montgomery comes from money and power, but when someone close to her commits the ultimate crime, Madison must live with her tainted name for the rest of her life. When she begins Riverside Preparatory Academy, the private school her father has swept her into in The Hamptons, she hopes for a fresh start. What she wasn’t hoping for was the pack of bad boys who run the school; ten, to be exact. When Madison gains the attention of their leader, Bishop Vincent Hayes, a whole new world that she didn’t think existed is exposed to her. A whole world that starts and ends with The Elite Kings Club and these boys, are about to flip her world upside down. Secrets are overflowing and family lies are about to be exposed. Is there more to Madison Montgomery than even she knows?


The Broken Puppet (Elite Kings Club Book 2):

“I thought I knew who I was, but I was wrong.”

The Silver Swan
– 1. A girl who is tarnished. Tainted. One who does not fit into the confinement of legend.
The Silver Swan
-2. Madison Montgomery.

I was lied to.
I was cheated.
Resigned to pick up the scraps of empty memories and disarrayed thoughts, I left. After finally cutting the strings of manipulation, I resorted to do what I’ve done since I was a child, something my father drilled into my brain since I could handle my first rifle.
I’m a mere shadow of the girl they all knew.
Lies and deceit change you. They alter your entire outlook on life.
I’m Madison Montgomery, and I want to play a game.
Here’s what happens when I win.

Riddle me this, Mads.
What goes bump in the night,
but is something you can’t see with sight?
You may run, and you may hide.
If by happily ever after, you mean Bonnie & Clyde.



The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club, #1)The Silver Swan by Amo Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE SILVER SWAN is book one in the Elite Kings Club series. It’s a cliffhanger and my first read from author Amo Jones.

Madison (Madi) is a new student in an upper crust prep school. She brings with her an unsavory past but is hoping for a fresh start. Unfortunately, she’s blindsided with a step brother, Nate, whom Madi knew nothing about. Nate is part of a group of friends, The Elite Kings Club…boys with a hell of a lot of clout and privilege. Their unspoken leader, Bishop, is mean and cruel but he has his eyes set on Madi. And Madi can’t seem to say no to him.

FAIR WARNING: I’m about to hit you with a bunch of clichés so please bear with me!

*NOTHING is as it seems
*There’s a thin line between LOVE and HATE
*Keep your friends close and your ENEMIES closer
*All that glitters isn’t GOLD
*Read BETWEEN the lines

There, I think I’m done! I’ll be super general here since honestly, I feel like I’m still missing huge pieces of the puzzle and I don’t want to give away any spoilers. There’s a ton of tiny threads carefully woven into this plot. It’s like if you tug on one thread, the fear is real that everything will come apart, you just gotta know which thread to pull! A few scenes felt a little rushed to where I had to go back and reread a few paragraphs to make sure I didn’t miss anything. But I’ve been constantly rolling around the story in my brain, trying to unravel the mystery of the Elite Kings Club. Frankly, I love it when a cliffhanger has me going, HMMMM…

The sheer number of characters makes things a tad confusing to follow at times but the dynamics between them all definitely makes for an interesting storyline. There were moments where I could see another, softer side to Bishop and those have me totally curious about him and his past. And yes, there’s a few scenes when I cringed at the immaturity and hormonal indecisiveness of Madi and her “friends” (I’d label this YA/erotica) but then I think about my own teenage years and even my teenage boys at home and I’m like, YUP…sounds about right!

Overall, this one’s a twisted maze of questions and secrets, love and hate and I’m so ready to dig into book two! Told completely from Madison’s POV with a crazy cliffhanger. I received, read and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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The Broken Puppet (Elite King's Club, #2)The Broken Puppet by Amo Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE BROKEN PUPPET is book 2 in the Elite Kings Club. It’s a continuation of book 1 so it doesn’t standalone and it ends on a cliffhanger. There’s also some pretty dark, graphic scenes that may be a trigger for some!!

I don’t want to give too much info about the storyline since I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun. I’ll just say that in this book, Madison is spreading her wings…exploring her options and testing all kinds of boundaries. <–Vague and trite, I know but what else can I say???

Honestly, from a parent’s perspective, there’s a few scenes in this story where I was cringing. In my head (maybe out loud) I was like, “Uh…NO! Nope…that would NEVER happen.” Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the story. The plot is actually super intriguing and interesting, filled with all kinds of mystery and questions. Some of the previous puzzles were solved but now there’s even more uncertainty and doubt!

I even liked most of the characters: Bishop, Nate even Brantley. Though, I’m kind of on the fence about Madison. Sometimes, I liked her but other times she annoyed the crap out of me! She was just a little too indecisive and nonchalant about a lot of things.

So here’s what I figured out:

* read this story with the understanding that these are spoiled teenagers with little to no parental guidance and/or influence

* remember that this book is for entertainment purposes

Overall, I gave the story 3.5 stars but I bumped it up to 4 because I’m madly in love with the cover! I’m actually looking forward to book 3 and hopefully some answers, LOL! Told from Madison’s POV with another cliffhanger. I received, read and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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The Silver Swan (Elite Kings Club Book 1)

The Broken Puppet (The Elite Kings Club Book 2)


The Silver Swan (The Elite King’s Club #1)

The Broken Puppet (The Elite King’s Club #2)




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  1. I found you have to suspend believe, but it stayed with after I finished. I haven’t read anything like these books before. Things become much clearer in book 3. great reviews

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  2. A really awesome job on these reviews!! I’m looking forward to starting this series, I might wait until the next book releases. I hope there’s only three!! 😱 There’s nothing worse than having to wait for the next book after a cliffhanger. 😩

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