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Title: The Gods of Greyfall Collection
Author: A.J. Norris
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: April 3, 2018
How do you accidentally start a war with a blood
thirsty demon army? You kill their leader and steal a sacred relic.
Demons prowl the night searching for human blood. Only one thing can save humans from extinction, a lab-bred task force known as the Bator Patrol Guard. Part human, demon, and descendant of the Egyptian deity, Osiris, these elite warriors, although shunned by humans, willingly protect the human race.
Kalani only wanted to rescue her friend from a torturous death when she entered the forbidden realm of a demon army. She didn’t mean to start a war by slaying their leader and stealing the sacred
pendant hanging around his neck. But it was just so shiny and why did they have it anyway? The pendant had the same symbol on it as the Bator Patrol Guard used as their emblem. How was this possible, and what did it mean? Can the Patrol Guard unlock the mystery of the pendant before a war destroys them all?
Find out the truth in this epic saga about love, ancient secrets, and betrayal.
*** Please note: This is a collection of three novellas (Night Gods, Stealing Night, and Forever Night) ***

The Gods of Greyfall CollectionThe Gods of Greyfall Collection by A.J. Norris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

THE GODS OF GREYFALL COLLECTION is an anthology of three interconnected novellas and is the first book I’ve read from author A.J. Norris.

In this altered universe kind of story, we find demons who feed on human blood and genetically engineered men and women who protect the human realm. It’s loosely based on Egyptian history and each of the three novellas is centered around a different couple.

In part one, we’re introduced to two guardians: Dru and Kalani. This one’s a second chance romance and pretty much lays the foundation for the rest of the book. They’re super hot together, no matter how hard they try to deny it!

Part two is about Riory (Dru’s best friend) and Nadine. They have more of an insta-love connection, certainly insta-lust! We find out a bit more about the demon world.

Part three, I think is the shortest and is the story of Jade (Kalani’s best friend) and Cutler who’s the boss of Riory and Dru. Here, the Egyptian influence is more prevalent which is why I think it’s my favorite part!

Overall, this was 3.5 stars for me (rounded up to 4 because I adore the cover)! I loved the concept of the story, the hints of Egyptian mythology Ms. Norris weaved in were great. And I liked the characters, each couple was awesome together and worked to bring life to the book. But because the collection is so short, I felt that a lot of details were rushed or overlooked. I would’ve enjoyed a more complete and intricate storyline! Told from various POVs with a happy (for now?) ending. I received, read and voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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Author Bio
A.J. Norris is a romantic suspense and dark paranormal romance author. She enjoys being able to get inside someone else’s head, even a fictional one, and see what they see. Watching how her characters deal with difficult situations or squirm with the uncomfortable ones makes the hard work
of writing all worth it. However, writing and reading weren’t always in her foremost thoughts. In fact, her love affair with writing came as a shock to everyone she knows, including herself. At a young age, she rarely opened a book, unless forced to read something for school. But that’s all behind her now. She wrote her first book several years ago, which turned out to be a surprisingly cathartic process, and she hasn’t been able to stop writing since.
A.J. loves going to the movies, watching her son play baseball, and communing with other writers. She’s a member of two writer’s groups and RWA. She lives in southeastern Michigan with her family, who are extremely tolerant (at least most of the time) of all her late nights behind the computer.
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