🌻It’s ANOTHER Manic Monday! Check Out What I’m Reading This Week: J. Kenner, Ella Frank and Susan Stoker!🌻


Hey y’all! I don’t know about you but today’s definitely a MANIC MONDAY! It’s the first day of spring break for my kiddos and they’re ALREADY eating everything in the house!😱😲😛 Last week, I read three books, this week I’ve got THREE more on my calendar:



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Get It On (Man of the Month Book 5) Kindle Edition by J. Kenner




Confessions: Robbie (Confessions Series Book 1) Kindle Edition by Ella Frank




Justice for Milena (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes Book 10) Kindle Edition by Susan Stoker


Whatcha reading??



  1. Justice for Milena was fabulous! I was glad to see TJ get his HEA.

    What I loved most about this book, however, was Sadie – I am even more excited now for Susan’s crossover into Lexi Blake’s world!!!!

    And, the teases of what’s to come with Blythe were pretty awesome too!

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