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NO LIGHT (a Standalone in the WERELOCK EVOLUTION series)


A badass single mom …

Being a single mom is tough. It’s even tougher when there’s a nasty prophecy floating around about your kid being a purported abomination fated to destroy the human race.

With the supernatural world on the hunt for her only child, Avery sees no alternative but to adopt an offensive, preemptive approach: Hunt the hunters and take them out first.

An immortal Casanova …

Centuries old and still living his life on the edge like the formidable werelock and self-assured player he’s always been, Alcaeus long ago dismissed the notion he’d ever find his true mate.

He never expected to fall for the mother of the well-prophesied Rogue werelock he’s been hunting.

With the fate of humankind hanging in the balance and the supernatural war of the century underway, cultures and parenting styles will clash.

Loyalties will be tested. Long-held ties will sever; packs will divide.

And a cocky playboy will need to dig deeper than the easy charm that carried him through four centuries to prove that sometimes an absence of light is only the void between beings who are destined to collide.



No Light (Werelock Evolution Book 4)No Light by Hettie Ivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

NO LIGHT is book four in the Werelock Evolution series and is SOOO much more than just a paranormal romance! It’s dark and light at the same time (I know you’re saying, WTH??) but it’s completely true! Although this one’s a standalone, I’d recommend starting with book one because not only are the first three AWESOME, they’ll give a more complete picture of the overall plot.

This story goes off on a tangent with Alcaeus and Avery as the main characters but it’s still an integral part of the original storyline which is basically the protection of ALL mankind (werewolf and human). Alcaeus is a centuries old werelock, a hunter looking for the prophesied “Rogue” who will supposedly bring about the end of man. Avery is the mother of the Rogue, a werewolf who hunts the hunters. One glance and these two know they’re fated mates. Complicated much?!?

This book was EXHILARATING, NAIL BITING, and EXCITING! It made me laugh with witty banter and snarky commentary. It made me cry because I was 100% invested in the characters. And it made me sigh with the hot as hell, sexy scenes! There’s some surprisingly crazy twists, too. Honestly, half the time I was saying, “YES, Avery go for it!” and the other half chanting, “NO, Avery, don’t do it!” LOL!

Alcaeus was absolutely swoon worthy, so charming, protective and sweet with both Avery and her daughter, Sloane. I loved watching his character grow within the story! Avery is described as a BAD ASS and she definitely was. She was also funny, sassy, smart and one tough Mama when it came to Sloane…I wanna be her when I grow up! Plus, I got to see other sides of some important secondary characters so I can’t wait to read their stories in the next installments.

This is one of my most favorite paranormal series, I’ve loved every book so far! Kudos to Ms. Ivers for creating such a wonderfully rich world with fascinating characters and captivating storylines! Told from dual POVs with a happy for now ending (the saga continues with new characters…yipee!!)

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He squeezed my throat harder in response and leaned in, observing my distress with casual disinterest while my bulging, fuming feral eyes promised vengeance.

“The scars of your former human life will forever give you away, Avery.”

Tell me something I didn’t know.

He wanted to see me shift. It was the only way out of my bonds and the only chance I had of survival if he kept squeezing, and we both knew it. Why he wanted to see it—what he was looking for or hoping to figure out by this, escaped me. And made me stubbornly resist shifting.

“What the fuck are you doing?”

I was released as soon as the door burst open. A great ruckus ensued.

“Why the hell is she chained to the bed?” Alcaeus demanded. “I wasn’t gone for more than fifteen minutes, Kai. How could you do this?”

“She has scars, Al. On her ribs and back. One on the back of her left thigh, too. She was human before. And now she’s a werewolf with no scent. She’s hiding someth—”

A cracking sound cut the doctor short, and I couldn’t help but grin. The big hot werelock with the weird name was still totally into me. And he definitely seemed to be the Alpha in charge.

“You undressed her?”

“No—I mean, yes. Come on, Al, I’m a doctor. It was—”


I bit my lip to stifle my laughter when the doctor groaned in agony. I hoped it’d been his nuts.

“You chained my mate to the fucking bed!” my savior roared at his friend.

“He strangled me, too,” I couldn’t resist chiming in to tattle. “And I think he liked it—if ya know what I mean.”

More swearing and loud cracking noises ensued while the doctor tried to deny the latter part of my accusation. As satisfying as it was to hear him get his ass beat, I was over being tied up. Upon Alcaeus’s arrival, the smell of food had filled the room—food that I was unable to get at while chained to a bed.

“A little help over here maybe?” I called out.

The chains around my wrists and ankles magically broke apart, and Alcaeus was by my side a second later, spouting apologies as he inspected first my wrists and then my neck for injury. But when his concerned hazel eyes dropped to my midsection—where my tank top had ridden up amid Kai’s inspection—they widened and flamed bright amber.

“Who did this to you?” His hands went straight to the scars on my ribs.

The blind fury in his eyes was so piercing that I felt momentarily paralyzed. But I quickly snapped out of it.

“Back off,” I smacked at his hands as I tried to pull my shirt back down. “I’m over being inspected and manhandled for one day.”

He didn’t relent as his eyes burned unseeingly down at me. It was as if my words hadn’t registered. He even pushed me back down to the bed when I attempted to sit up. So I threw a right hook that connected with his jaw, and that got his attention.


“I said back off, Chaos.”

His feral yellow eyes blinked. “What’d you just call me?”

His expression was difficult to decipher. I couldn’t tell if he looked angry or … charmed.

“Um … Chaos. You know, like short for Alcaeus? ’Cause your name sounds like ‘Al’ plus ‘chaos.’ It uh … helps me to remember it.”

A slow smile stretched his lips as his bright golden eyes bled to hazel.

Definitely charmed.

“It’s a bit more of a ‘key’ sound than ‘kay,’ actually. But I like it. Chaos.” His grin gave way to a chuckle as he tried it out. “You gave me a pet name,” he said softly, his eyes moving over my face. “That’s”—he shook his head, gazing at me as if I’d completely enchanted him—“adorable.”

My lips twitched of their own volition, and I found myself grinning back. “You’re welcome.”

“Precious.” Kai’s harsh voice cut in, breaking the spell of our private moment. “Congratulations, Al. Your ‘fated mate’ has come up with a mnemonic device to aid her in remembering your name.”










  1. Now I might have to read this one! And dark and light is perfectly normal in my world it’s called “shades of grey” and they are my favorite books 😉 Wonderful review Trisy!

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