🎵🌟First Line Friday! Read The First Line From MIDNIGHT BLUE by L.J. Shen!🌟🎵


Hey y’all! It’s FIRST LINE FRIDAY time again! Can you believe how flippin’ fast this month is flying by?? I hope everyone had a great reading week. As for me here in Texas, well…let’s just say it was shorts one day, sweat pants the next!🌞🌞Perfect weather for snuggling up with a good book.

So, FLF is a weekly meme hosted by Hoarding Books Blog and it’s super simple. Just grab a book you’re reading and write down the first line. That’s it!

I’ve got a crazy busy schedule next week because I have like four ARCs to read, including this one! 😱😱

Today’s FIRST LINE is from:

 Midnight Blue Kindle Edition by L.J. Shen




“British singer Alex Winslow was arrested again Tuesday night for driving under the influence and for possession of cocaine.” 


As my old childhood friend, Scooby Doo would say, “WUH ROH!” Does anyone else think Mr. Winslow is a bad, bad boy?? 😆😆

What’s everyone else reading this weekend??




8 thoughts on “🎵🌟First Line Friday! Read The First Line From MIDNIGHT BLUE by L.J. Shen!🌟🎵

  1. Happy Friday!

    Today, my First Line Friday comes from the next book on my TBR mountain, Coming Home to Island House by Erica James…..

    There she is, the scarlet woman herself.’
    ‘She’s back then.’
    ‘Back to flaunt herself right under our noses. She’s no shame, that one.’
    ‘No shame at all.’

    Have a great weekend!

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