🎉Bobo’s Best Of 2017 (Part 1)! My Favorite Ladies, Bad Boys, Couples & Standalones Including Kristen Ashley, LJ Shen, Harper Sloan & Katy Regnery🎉


Hey y’all! I hope everyone had a FANTASTIC and MAGICAL holiday! Our kiddos opened gifts on Christmas morning and I cooked a ham with all the trimmings but my family’s really not going to celebrate until New Year’s…my nephew, who’s a Marine stationed in North Carolina, is bringing his NEW wife home. We’ll be having a BIG party to celebrate…LIFE!! But with 2018 just around the corner, I wanted to go back and highlight some of my “BEST OF” books of 2017. And I’ll apologize ahead of time because there’s A LOT of them which is why I’ll be dividing this post into several throughout the week!

**These are books that I READ in 2017…not necessarily PUBLISHED in 2017 (though I read a lot of ARCs so most will be relatively current!)!


You can find a complete list of “MY READING JOURNEY” here:  Trisy’s Year in Books 2017



Kick ass heroines that are loyal, fierce, spunky, sassy and down right AWESOME!😘




Alpha heroes that are sexy, confident, sometimes cocky and often possessive! (It seems I have a thing for L.J. Shen and M. Robinson’s bad boys, LOL!)😝




These are my most FAVORITE couples of 2017. They’re basically perfect together, the greatest compliment to each other…like cheese to macaroni and peanut butter to jelly!😆




Fantastic reads that can stand alone but might make you want more!






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