📚Bobo’s Bookshelf! Check Out These Book Beauties From Hettie Ivers!📚


Hey y’all! Well I survived Thanksgiving and a long, phenomenal weekend with my hubby and kiddos! I ate, slept, drank, read, decorated and cooked a WHOLE LOT. 😴💃🐖🍷 It was nice to sit back and chillax for a bit before the mayhem of Christmas descends. But I missed my blogger buddies and now I’m playing catch up with email and blog posts!

Anyway, several years ago, my hubby forbid me from buying anymore books (The Grinch!😈) because frankly, I just didn’t have any room and he didn’t want to buy me a bigger house (😆😆). So space on my bookshelf is highly COVETED and reserved for my MOST BESTEST BOOKS! But take a gander at these Book Beauties that I got in the mail a few days ago:



As my son says, “HUBBA, HUBBA!!” These are books #1-3 of the Werelock Evolution from the SUPER sweet and A-mazing author, Hettie Ivers (shameless shout out!). You can read my 5 star reviews here:

💫Bobo’s Retro Fave! SLIP OF FATE, FEAR THE HEART & REVENGE OF THE WRONGED (Werelock Evolution series) by Hettie Ivers💫

I’ll be back with more beauties from my shelf that I’ve collected this past year (though, I have to warn you that I’m not a good picture taker, have you seen some of those fabulous pics on Instagram lately?!?!?) Does anyone else get excited when they get book mail??

Have a FANTASTIC reading week!💋💋


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