💫Bobo’s Retro Fave! SLIP OF FATE, FEAR THE HEART & REVENGE OF THE WRONGED (Werelock Evolution series) by Hettie Ivers💫


Hey y’all! I’m back with another of my “old” favorites except this time I have a whole series for you (sorry, post is a bit long). The Werelock Evolution series by Hettie Ivers is one of my most loved paranormal series! I STILL find myself thinking about these stories that I read one right after the other a bit over a year ago! Here’s the blurbs and my reviews for books #1-3 (plus check out these HOT covers!):

Slip of Fate: An Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal Romance (Werelock Evolution Book 1)

🌟Slip of Fate is 🆓 right now!🌟

Love a classic, mate-for-life werewolf story? Then don’t read this book!

He’s a spoiled Alpha used to getting whatever he wants.She’s a stubborn eighteen-year-old determined to disappoint him.

Finding love at first sight with your fated soul mate sounds so romantic. Unless, of course, that “mate” happens to be your brother’s sworn enemy and the overbearing Alpha werewolf-warlock who has taken you hostage.

Things get complicated in this twisty love-hate trilogy about an American girl who stumbles upon forbidding paranormal circumstances when she travels to Brazil and finds herself at the center of a blood feud between rival South American werewolf packs.

The task of taming a formidable, drop-dead sexy werelock has never been so hard. And so hot. 


Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution Book 2)

Guarding the heart is no simple matter…

The mating bond between werewolves can be a real b*tch. Just ask soon-to-be werewolf Milena Caro—who is fated to spend an eternity with her brother’s archenemy and about to enter her first heat cycle.

As Alex steps up his seduction attempts, Milena uncovers more startling truths kept from her since birth, leaving her at a loss as to whom to trust and what to believe.

To make things worse, there’s the not so simple matter of an ill-fated blood cursethat’s blossoming to life within her, threatening to unlock a reign of darkness upon the world with the power to destroy everyone.

When Milena’s heat cycle kicks into full gear, will she be able to resist the pull of her mating bond and thumb her nose at fate?

Being bound to one of the most attractive, powerful werelocks on the planet can’t be all bad… can it?


Revenge of the Wronged (Werelock Evolution Book 3)

In this highly anticipated finale to the first trilogy in the Werelock Evolution series, Milena Caro faces her greatest challenges yet.

Torn between her loyalty to her brother and her growing affection for his nemesis, Alex Reinoso, Milena vies to salvage some remnant of her former life as she becomes increasingly enmeshed in the bitter feud between werewolf packs.

Will blood prove thicker than water? Will the ill-fated blood curse Milena wields destroy her and all those she holds dear?

In the struggle between good and evil, ideals and reality often clash. And in this game of survival amid conniving, bloodthirsty supernatural opponents, it’s the player no one saw coming who will change all the rules.

**Mature Content Warning** This book contains violence, strong language, and sexual situations and is intended for adult readers.


And I am EAGERLY waiting for book #4 in the series, Releasing January 23, 2018 (From the blog of Hettie Ivers):


NO LIGHT (Werelock Evolution Book 4, a Standalone)

A badass single mom …

Being a single mom is tough. It’s even tougher when there’s a nasty prophecy floating around about your kid being a purported abomination fated to destroy the human race.

With the supernatural world on the hunt for her only child, Avery sees no alternative but to adopt an offensive, preemptive approach: Hunt the hunters and take them out first.

An immortal Casanova …

Centuries old and still living his life on the edge like the formidable werelock and self-assured player he’s always been, Alcaeus long ago dismissed the notion he’d ever find his true mate.

He never expected to fall for the mother of the well-prophesied Rogue werelock he’s been hunting.

With the fate of humankind hanging in the balance and the supernatural war of the century underway, cultures and parenting styles will clash.

Loyalties will be tested. Long-held ties will sever; packs will divide.

And a cocky playboy will need to dig deeper than the easy charm that carried him through four centuries to prove that sometimes an absence of light is only the void between beings who are destined to collide.

🌟 Read an Excerpt HERE!🌟


Slip of Fate (Werelock Evolution #1)Slip of Fate by Hettie Ivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hettie Ivers is a new author for me and I’m ecstatic that I picked this book up! The story drew me in from the first paragraph and I found myself reading way into the night. Milena (human) travels to Brazil to find her brother. Instead, she finds herself in the middle of a pack of hot, domineering werelocks and the main Alpha, Alex, insists that Milena is his mate. There’s so much detail and character development in this story, I really could picture myself in Alex’s mansion! There’s some spicy scenes, A LOT of male hotness and a great paranormal story. Beware, this is book one in a series and DOES have a cliffhanger. Looking forward to book two! Told entirely from Milena’s POV.

5_star_rating_system_5_stars (2)


Fear the Heart (Werelock Evolution #2)Fear the Heart by Hettie Ivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book two in the Werelock Evolution series and is an enemies to lovers, paranormal romance. Right after finishing book one, I plowed right through book two! It just gets better and better! The world of werewolves and mystic that Hettie Ivers created is simply fantastical, magical and spellbinding. Book two definitely has more hot, steamy sex scenes, a bit of suspense and a dash of humor. Plus, I adored the secondary characters that managed to enhance an already amazing story. It also ends in a cliffhanger and I can’t WAIT for book three! Told completely from Milena’s POV.

5_star_rating_system_5_stars (2)

Revenge of the Wronged (Werelock Evolution, #3)Revenge of the Wronged by Hettie Ivers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is book #3 of the Werelock Evolution series and YAY!! It was so good, I couldn’t put it down! I was racing to finish it but sad when it ended. Book #3 was definitely the hottest of the three. Despite their differences and their rocky (under statement) past, it’s so obvious how Milena and Alex compliment each other. They’re like peanut butter and jelly…they just GO TOGETHER! Plus there’s so many twists and turns! Again, the secondary characters support the storyline perfectly, they provide even more drama and humor. Not to mention, the various subplots that set us up for more wonderful creations from this world! (Please?!?) I’ve already added this series to my READ AGAIN e-shelf and can’t wait for more werelocks! Entirely told from Milena’s POV with a happy for now ending. I voluntarily reviewed an advance copy of this book.

5_star_rating_system_5_stars (2)

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Hettie Ivers is a wife and mother who was born with an aberrant mind and suffers an incurable case of church giggles at least twice daily. She works full-time at one of those intense corporate jobs where people angry-type a lot and brag about the number of ulcers they have. Her current career does not allow much time for creative writing about werelocks or alien sex club owners, but she loves to write after hours and on weekends and strives to publish one to two books per year, as life permits.

In another thirty years when Hettie retires, she aspires to don pink ball gowns, take glamour shots with shih tzu, and embark on her next career as a dirtier, snarkier Babs Cartland of her generation.

Hettie favors stories in which realistic, relatable characters must navigate fantastical, larger-than-life circumstances. She’s a sucker for sexy antiheroes, underdogs, and flawed protagonists, and she enjoys fresh spins on classic tropes with a sprinkling of satire.





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