🌠New Young Adult Release & My Review! CURVEBALL (Barlow Sisters book 1) by Jordan Ford🌠

Curveball (Barlow Sisters, #1)Curveball by Jordan Ford

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CURVEBALL is book one in the Barlow Sisters series and is a young adult (no sex, a few curse words), sports related romance between two high school seniors whose initial animosity towards each other quickly becomes so much more. Although the YA genre is not my first choice in reads, I always enjoy reading it if it’s written by Jordan Ford! The characters are pretty realistic and her stories always have that “feel good” vibe intertwined with a touch of mystery and a dash of angst. Maddie and Holden’s story was spot on! Admittedly, I was kind of annoyed with both Maddie and Holden’s attitudes in the beginning. Maddie was surly and defensive while Holden was well…a bit of a jerk! But when I really thought about it (and I’m a mother of three, I’m speaking from experience!) their behavior was so teenager-ish, I had to laugh! Ms. Ford did a fantastic job of creating characters that fit into that young adult role. Yes, Maddie had a bad attitude but she was plucked out of school at the end of her senior year and put in a whole other school, city, state even. Even with that, the love and protectiveness she felt for her sisters shined through and I loved that! And despite what Holden likes to project to the world, we all know that sometimes, things aren’t what they seem. The plot has several twisty turns and sets the reader up for Max and Chloe’s stories (which I can’t WAIT to read!). Overall, this is a wonderfully sweet and intriguingly mysterious love story told from dual POVs with a happy (for now) ending.


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Mystery and romance weave together in a set of fast-paced, sports romance novels.
Follow the Barlow sisters as they negotiate the perils of forbidden love while finding their place at a new school in the troubled town of Armitage.

CURVEBALL – Barlow Sisters #1
Maddie Barlow is used to being in control.
So when her father uproots their family to the small, troubled town of Armitage, just six months from her high school graduation, she’s struggling to cope. Worse yet, he insists the coach makes room for all of his daughters on the boys’ baseball team. The close-knit Armitage Pitbulls don’t want three girls messing up their season, and they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure the girls don’t make them look bad…especially Holden Carter—the smooth, good-looking captain of the team.

Maddie takes one look at him and knows he’s trouble. In spite of her instant attraction she’s determined to put the arrogant jock in his place, which is made doubly hard when her younger sister starts crushing on the guy. In an attempt to protect her sister from getting hurt, Maddie puts herself between them, only to face a curveball she never saw coming.

Her attraction to Holden is not supposed to turn into more…and when it does she’s caught between hurting her sister and turning her back on the first guy she’s ever really fallen for.
But a forbidden romance is not the only curveball Maddie and Holden have to dodge, because things aren’t what they seem in the quaint town of Armitage…and they’re about to work out that discovering the truth can be way more dangerous than living a lie.

Grab your copy today and escape into a small town where trouble lurks around every corner and romance is just a heartbeat away.

Strike Out (Releasing Oct 2017)
Foul Play (Release Nov 2017)


The book is available on Amazon, plus can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited.




Jordan Ford is a young adult romance author.

“Writing high school romances brings me the greatest joy. My heart bubbles, my insides zing, and I am at my happiest when immersed in a great scene with characters who have become real to me.”

Her first series, The Big Play Novels, is based on a high school football team in the fictional town of Nelson, Idaho.

“I’ve totally fallen in love with this team and the girls that win their hearts.”

Her second series, The Brotherhood Trilogy, delves into romantic suspense and she’s enjoyed delving into more intense stories still soaked in romance.



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