🌀Rain, Rain..Go Away! Bracing for Hurricane Harvey!🌀

Hi my blogger friends! So, normally, I don’t post anything that doesn’t directly affect my romance book world but I live in San Antonio, Texas and am waiting for Hurricane Harvey to wreck havoc!


I also have family living about 15 minutes from the coast, near Galveston, Texas. Hurricanes cause a shit ton of rain, destructive wind, catastrophic flooding and tornadoes sometimes deadly (especially the rain…sounds wacky but just a bit of flooding can cause a current strong enough to drag a car!) I spent all day yesterday securing everything in my yard, stocking up on food, batteries and water, cleaning, laundry and shaving (don’t judge…I may need a hot fireman to rescue me from high water!)😄😁 So if I’m absent for a few days…I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’m not particularly a practicing church goer but in this case I’d like to ask y’all to keep Texas in your prayers and thoughts!



SEE???!!!! 😍😂😍😂



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