🏁🎥🎬OH.EM.GEE!! K. Bromberg’s Movie Announcement, One of My Favorite Series!🎥🎬🏁



It’s official!

I’m so excited to announce that DRIVEN, FUELED, and CRASHED—have been optioned for film by the company Passionflix. They want to bring Colton and Rylee to life in three movies!!!

You can see my official announcement ⇒ HERE ⇐ on YouTube.

Are you excited? I am too. So I’ll give you a minute to jump around with me in excitement and then I’ll give the details.

Are you calm yet? Me neither but I’ll get started.

A few months ago I was approached by the ladies at Passionflix about bringing Colton and Rylee to film. I was apprehensive at first—Could they do the story justice? Would readers be upset if ‘their Colton’ wasn’t cast? Then there is the whole ‘books are better than movies’ thing . . . but after speaking with the founders and watching their work with Alessandra Torre on Hollywood Dirt, I decided to take the leap and do it.

The great news is I’ll be as hands on as possible. Do you think I’d actually just hand my books over and wash my hands of them? Heck no. The other good news is that they want you to be involved as possible as well! Not only do they want your input on who to cast, but they also want YOU to be in the movie (keep reading below to find out how)! Pretty cool, right?

So now I’m sure you want the details… so here they are…

WHEN:  Driven is slated to start filming at the latter part of this year with a proposed release date of May 2018


WHAT: What is Passionflix? Think a Netflix for romance. The company Passionflix is turning the books you love into movies and series. Launching in September, passionflix.com is an online streaming platform, (like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu,) where you’ll be able to see your favorite romance novels brought to life.


HOW: How will you watch the movie? You will have to subscribe to the service for a monthly fee. You can do so HERE.

Right now, there are two options to subscribe. Founding Member or Preorder a subscription

  1. FOUNDING MEMBER:  When you become a Founding Member at the discounted price of $100, you’ll get:
  • A 2 year subscription with a 30% savings.
  • An invitation for a walk-on role in the DRIVEN!!!!!! movie
  • Exclusive voting privileges and behind the scenes sneak peeks
  • Discounts on Passionflix merchandise
  • Take advantage of the site a month early and have your voice heard in the future of Passionflix
  • Be the first to know, via a private Founders club, about Passionflix projects, options, casting and news.
  1. PREORDER a subscription at a discounted yearly rate for the first year at $3.99. (The regular monthly price is $5.99



  1. If you are a Founding Member, you get a walk-on role in one of the Driven movies!
  2. If you are overseas and are unable to access the Passionflix platform, the movies will be available on iTunes for purchase.
  3. We want your input! Tell us who you’d cast as Colton, Rylee, Haddie, and Becks!

I know in my excitement, I’ve missed a ton of things, but to stay up to date on all Driven Movie things… here are some links you might want to check out:

The Driven Movies Website

The Driven Movies Facebook Page

A Newsletter Dedicated to the Movies

How to subscribe to Passionflix



I’m also going to have a LIVE CHAT next Friday, May 12th at 1 pm EST on my Facebook Page (HERE) to talk all things Driven, writing, and whatever else you’d like to throw at me, if you’d like to ask a question for me to answer, you can enter it HERE.

Are you excited? I can’t wait to take this journey with you!



K. Bromberg – Author
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