Ratings & A Lil’ Bit About Me

Welcome to my crazy world!  My name is Trisy. I am a stay  at home mama to three boys, three cats, my Chihuahua and my hubby. I’m a romance junkie who reads every day. I love freebies, giveaways, chocolate, coffee and music, not necessarily in that order!😎

So a few points about my reviews.

  • I READ every book that I review, these are my opinions!

  • I try not regurgitate the gist of the book because I figure you can just read the blurb and I try really hard not to include any spoilers although it may happen!

  • I’m a mom  and wife first so I may not leave reviews every single day but my Goodreads goal is to read 100 books this year so I’m gonna try!

  • My word for the year is  🌠MASTER🌠  as in I will MASTER a new skill which I decided would be blogging (yup, I’m a few years behind the technological world!!)

  • I love exclamation points!!😁😁

 How I rate my books:


Freaking AWESOME! Characters that are HOT with a GROOVY plot! I loved it and would recommend it. Look for this book on my READ AGAIN E-SHELF.😍


This is a pretty GOOD book! The characters and plot are ALMOST perfect and I’ll keep it my library. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!😄


This book is just OK! I enjoyed it but it had some flaws in the plot and/or characters. I probably won’t keep it.😆


YIKES! What a pile of CRAP! Terrible plot and/or character development. I wouldn’t bother picking this one up.😮


Well, I probably just couldn’t stand to finish this one and it most likely won’t even be on my blog because I try to be nice!!😇

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