Ratings & A Lil’ Bit About Me

Hey y’all! Welcome to my crazy world! My name is Trisy. I am a stay at home mama to three boys, three cats, my Chihuahua and my hubby. I’m a romance junkie who loves LOVE and a good happy ever after. I love freebies, giveaways, chocolate, coffee and music…not necessarily in that order!😎


So a few points about my reviews.

  • I READ every book that I review, these are my opinions. I receive, read and voluntarily review ARCS (e-books or paperback), I DO NOT receive payment for my reviews!!

  • I try not to regurgitate the gist of the book because I figure you can just read the blurb and I try really hard not to include any spoilers although it may happen!

  • I’m a mom and wife first so I can not leave reviews every single day but my NEW Goodreads goal for 2018 is 180 books so I’ll definitely be reading every day! You can check out my Goodreads Challenge here: Bobo’s Goodreads Challenge 2018

  • My guide word for the year is: ASPIRE! I will ASPIRE to try new things that may be out of my comfort zone or unfamiliar to me, I’ll ASPIRE to make new friends and meet new people and I’ll ASPIRE to make my blog bigger and better! 


  • I love exclamation points!!😁😁

  • I read/review a wide variety of books in the romance genre, for example: clean, contemporary, paranormal, erotic, romantic suspense, new adult, young adult & LGBT. Please be aware that most of the books I read are for 18 YEARS & UP!😄

  • I’m currently booking reviews at least TWO MONTHS in advance, so please expect a delay if you want me to review! I will try my best to squeeze your book in but I can’t promise a quick turn around!


 How I rate my books:


  • Freaking AWESOME! Characters that are HOT with a GROOVY plot! I loved it and would recommend it. Look for this book on my READ AGAIN E-SHELF (though not all 5 stars will make it there!).😍


  • This is a pretty GOOD book! The characters and plot are ALMOST PERFECT and I’ll keep it in my library. Give it a try, I think you’ll like it!😄


  • This book is just OK! I enjoyed it but it had some flaws in the plot and/or characters. I probably won’t keep it.😆


  • YIKES! What a pile of CRAP! Terrible plot and/or character development. I wouldn’t bother picking this one up (FYI: I’ve yet to rate a book under 3 stars!).😮


  • Well, I probably just couldn’t stand to finish this one (DNF) and it most likely won’t even be on my blog because I try to be nice!!😇




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